For ‘five-year strategic gap’ read MoD foul up

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Falklands on HIGH ALERT: Hundreds of British troops sent to Islands to boost security

THREE hundred extra troops are to be sent to the Falklands as the islands reach their highest state of alert in almost 20 years.

1 February, 2015


They are part of a force of more than 1,000 soldiers being prepared for duty in the South Atlantic and will be sent out in five tranches of 150 to 300.

They will include members of the Royal Artillery and 3 Commando, Royal Marines, with each group staying on the islands for three to six weeks.

Military chiefs are mounting a series of “high readiness reinforcement” exercises to plug a srategic gap until the Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier is operational in 2020.

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Patria says:-

President Theodore Roosevelt said the United States’ foreign policy should be to ‘speak softly and carry a big stick’. In view of its criminal neglect of our armed forces, which is encouraging both Spain in its designs on Gibraltar and Argentina in its designs on the Falklands, as well as its meddling in Iraq and Syria, where no British interests are at stake, government seems to believe Britain should speak loudly and carry a white stick.

Teddy Roosevelt defined his approach to foreign policy as ‘the exercise of intelligent forethought and of decisive action sufficiently far in advance of any likely crisis’.

Britain has handed Argentina £225 million from our foreign aid budget over the past 20 years. The money is our share of loans given to Argentina by the World Bank through its aid subsidiaries.

The funding is administered by the Department for International Development and is included in the Lib-Lab-Con undertaking to spend 0.7 per cent of our national income on foreign aid, regardless of the cuts that need to be made in services at home in order to do so.

Official figures show Argentina received more than £2 million from Britain in 2012 and it is believed this aid is continuing. This is despite Lib-Lab-Con governments’ need to borrow the money at interest before handing it over to the rulers of corrupt and even hostile regimes, such as those of Pakistan, Zimbabwe and Argentina.

A Government source insisted Britain has no bilateral aid programme with Argentina, adding: ‘All of the programmes we do finance are aimed at building long-term partnerships with the Argentine people – including businesses and future leaders – or tackling global issues, such as [the bogus] climate change [scam] and human rights.’

Britain also contributes £7 million to a £50 million EU aid programme to Argentina. Last year Britain’s aid budget increased by 30 per cent. Argentina is now considered a relatively wealthy country [I’m not surprised!], as a member of the G20 group of leading economies.

Wealthy enough to use some of the money we send them to purchase Mirage jet fighters from Spain with which to menace the lives and freedom of our people in the Falklands!

President Cristina de Kirchner – who wants Britain to hand over the disputed islands – personally agreed the £145 million deal to buy 20 second-hand Mirage F1 jets from NATO ally and EU member Spain.

The 1,453 mph aircraft carry a fearsome array of weaponry including smart bombs.

Argentina’s move has forced the Ministry of Defence to bolster Britain’s presence in the South Atlantic, even though its budget is to be slashed by £875 million in 2015.

But what does David Cameron care? Should hostilities resume these Argentine planes will be strafing Port Stanley – not Chequers.

Patria is the one and only party opposing cuts to our armed forces and putting the defence of our people at home and abroad at the top of the agenda.

To save the country for your grandchildren: Vote Patria on 7 May!