Fishing is non-negotiable and not a bargaining chip

By October 23, 2020February 18th, 2021No Comments

It is disingenuous to compare the current size and turnover of the UK fishing industry after forty-seven years of neglect and government betrayal with that of banking and insurance.

You might just as well compare the coal industry, or iron and steel, with banking, after a similar period of being deliberately run into the ground by successive governments.

Let’s instead visualize what our once great fishing industry could again become, with the right encouragement and support from government. A multi-billion pound a year industry employing directly and indirectly hundreds of thousands of workers and in the north not just mainly in London, unlike financial services.

And this economic boon is of course not the only reason fishing is vital.

We also need to take back full control of our territorial waters and Exclusive Economic Zone in order to demonstrate to our European neighbours (friends do not behave in the way they have) that Brexit is a reality and not simply words on paper.

English Lives Matter. Rule, Britannia.

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