Fisching in troubled waters

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President Tusk’s statement contains the same extraordinary contradictions which we have commented on in previous speeches, but which seem to pass by the heads of mainstream journalists sitting there.

In discussing the draft guidelines he had just issued for the EU’s post-Brexit relations with the UK, he said: “it will only be a trade agreement”.

Aside from the fact this is all most Brexiteers want, it is simply untrue. The EU wants far more. For example amongst many other things, they’re desperate for the following:

Our money on a continuing basis to help fund their programmes, eg Erasmus+, Copernicus, etc

Use of the UK’s substantial intelligence and anti-terror capabilities

Use of the UK’s military strength for free

Access to the UK’s universities (far more in demand than the EU’s are)

Access to London as clearing house for Euro transactions

London as provider of most investment finance

Our consumers to buy their products

And finally, they need our fish


Yesterday the Chancellor Philip Hammond said that reciprocal access to British waters was on the table, and he came in for criticism from some newspapers for saying this. Whilst regular readers will know that Remainer Phil is hardly our favourite person, in this case he was merely repeating government policy.


This is the same policy expounded by his boss the Prime Minister in her speech on Friday. This is the speech that received acclaim from all quarters, even from supposedly pro-Brexit organizations. We came out immediately and condemned the speech based on the facts it contained. Some readers then kindly emailed to say they agreed with our stance.

Regrettably there are some ‘big names’ out there who seem more interested in supporting the government than they do supporting Brexit. If you want a site promoting the views of one party, we’re not it. Instead we offer party-neutral Brexit facts, news and analysis.

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Name: Shieldsman, Surrey Date/Time: 08 Mar 2018, 09.34am

Message: Politicians like Hammond will give everything away for nothing as did Heath and most of the PMs who followed. So the EU still want to fish in our waters and rob us of our fish. Forget it. I am looking forward to the day when I can once again buy fish caught and landed by UK (especially Scottish) fishermen. Our depleted fishing fleets will not be over-fishing and will not be subject to Brussels’ quotas. We can manage it very well ourselves – thank you.