Fight on while you’re still here

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Patria has a message of hope for ‘the missing ten thousand’: patriots who, three years ago were members of the BNP but who, without changing their political beliefs, are now politically homeless.

Patria can and will succeed. Patria is growing fast. With your help we shall grow even faster.

It’s up to you how quickly Patria becomes Britain’s pre-eminent patriotic party. Let’s make it happen together.

Let me say a few more things about Patria, in order to help you to make up your mind about us, starting with what Patria is not.

Patria is not a money-oriented scam.

Patria does not appoint trash to prominent positions and encourage them to lord it over activists.

Patria is non-sectarian: we do not stand candidates against other patriotic parties and refrain from anonymous internet mud-slinging contests, by proxy or otherwise.

Patria is not a merely web-based phenomenon, or a metapolitical talking shop and book fair for the self-published, but also exists in the real political world of electioneering.

Patria is not a convention of dinosaurs, all still pathetically eager for a place at the ‘top table’.

Patria is led by decent, honest patriots, of proven character, all of whom have held proper jobs outside politics, public relations and ‘charity’ fundraising and none of whom is tainted by the corruption and cronyism of the past.

Patria asks only ten pounds for annual membership and dual membership with another party is permissible. We would much rather have your activism now than your money after you’re dead.

Patria has a nationalist patriot manifesto.

Patria has a genuinely democratic constitution which is easily accessible to our members, rather than a dictator’s charter, designed to make a change of leadership virtually impossible.

Patria submits its statutory returns to the Electoral Commission on time, every time.

Patria is not only solvent but completely debt-free, as every party not in the pocket of vested interests should be.

Patria does not merely talk the talk, Patria also walks the walk.

Patria is the real thing.

Patria needs you. Your country needs you.

Together we can win.

In your heart you know we’re right.