Fiddling while Britain burns

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Tory MPs could face expenses prosecution before June election

By Karl McDonald

18 April 2017

Up to 30 people could face charges over Conservative breaches of election spending rules in 2015, according to the Crown Prosecution Service.

The MPs and activists will find out whether they are to be charged before any general election – because the deadline for prosecution will elapse before the 8 June date.

This means some Conservative MPs could face prosecution while campaigning for re-election in the election called for by Theresa May.

If they were subsequently convicted, a by-election would automatically be triggered.

More than a dozen Tory MPs feature among the cases being mulled over by the CPS.

Battle bus

The allegations relate to the Tory “battle bus”, which travelled from constituency to constituency during the 2015 election campaign. Conservatives are alleged to have omitted spending related to the battle bus from constituency expense reporting.

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