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Farmer’s one-man war against illegal immigrants: Father-of-four claims he has been forced to round up ‘hundreds’ of people and take them to police after finding them running across his land

Father-of-four Chris Gadsden, 60, runs ten acre farm in Toddington, Beds

He said stowaways trek across land after being dropped at nearby services

Farmer seizes them and then takes them to the police station

Mr Gadsden seized 30 Somalis and six Vietnamese men just last week


21 June 2015

A farmer is taking the immigrant crisis into his own hands by rounding up ‘hundreds’ of suspected stowaways who he claims are hiding in his fields.

Chris Gadsden, who lives 125 miles away from Dover, says he has collared up to 50 migrants in the past month alone as part of his one-man patrol on his land in rural Bedfordshire.

The 60-year-old claims the suspected illegal immigrants traipse through his land after being dropped off at the nearby M1 services, which are 400 yards away.

Mr Gadsden – who found one man hiding in a drain pipe – then rounds up the alleged criminals before handing them over to police and even sometimes driving them to the station himself.

The father of four said the sheer number of suspected illegal immigrants on his land – which he said included 30 Somalis just last week – demonstrates how quickly the problem is spreading into the English countryside.

He said: ‘It feels like the authorities have lost control of the situation in Calais – and now they’re in danger of the same thing happening hundreds of miles away in Bedfordshire.’

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Patria says:-

The rate of illegal immigration is rising. The authorities look the other way and don’t want to know about the problem. The Anglophobic politicians of the Establishment, including the SNP, Plaid Cymru, UKIP and the Greens shriek ‘racist!’ at any of our people who complain that our country is being overrun by ethnic aliens.

How long before we see ‘refugee camps’ of hundreds of tents in our countryside? And who will be living in those camps: the illegal immigrants – or our own people who have been displaced by ethnic cleansing?

There are millions of illegal immigrants and overstayers in the country, many of whom are working (and voting) illegally: in the black economy, in the NHS and in organized crime, including people trafficking.

Yet at this time of growing insecurity, while £13 billion is wasted each year on foreign aid, £10 billion on the EU and £5 billion on the BBC, police manpower is being cut. Those whom the gods would destroy they first make mad.

Instead of making tens of thousands of our armed forces’ servicemen redundant, government should put them to work guarding our borders, which are being infiltrated on a daily basis by ‘economic migrants’ from Africa, Asia and other parts of the Third World.

Only by renouncing the European Convention on Human Rights, repealing the Human Rights Act, 1998 and leaving the EU, will Britain regain control of our borders and immigration policy. Free from ECHR and EU interference we shall be able to strengthen our borders and control immigration effectively.

Aware of the possibility of an early referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU, perhaps in October, Patria has stolen a march on rival anti-EU parties by printing thousands of superb ‘Britain Out of Europe’ leaflets, which we are distributing door-to-door over the summer.

Far from resting on our laurels, we are building on our recent success. Far more effective than feeble marches and demonstrations, to say nothing of Facebook pages and YouTube videos, regular leafleting gets our message of hope to our people, as well as providing healthy exercise in the fresh air.

Copies of Patria’s leaflets, including our latest, hot off the press, may be obtained by writing to the Treasurer, enclosing a small sum to cover printing and postage. See the Contact page of the web site for my address, or, to join online via PayPal, visit the Memberships page.

There is nothing better than knowing one is doing something positive to inform our people: a labour of love if ever there was one.

Patria is the one and only party with both the courage and the intelligence to put our people first.

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