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English is now a foreign language in London, says Terence Stamp


20 July 2015

As the dashing star of films such as Billy Budd and Far From The Madding Crowd, Terence Stamp was the symbol of ‘Swinging London’ in the Sixties, but says he now feels like an alien in his own country.

‘It’s very sad how few English people there are in London now,’ he tells me at a party in Mayfair, where he lamented what he seems to see as a lack of integration among some immigrants.

‘When I grew up in East London everyone seemed to speak English, and now you can barely get by speaking our own language.’

Stamp, who enjoyed romances with his fellow Sixties icons, the actress Julie Christie and model Jean Shrimpton, shared a flat with Sir Michael Caine, but is now based in West London.

‘I don’t live in the East any more, but I absolutely love mangoes and so occasionally I go back there to buy these wonderful Alphonso mangoes from the market on Green Street.

‘I’m lucky if I can buy one now at all because no one speaks English.

‘It’s changed so much in such a short space of time, that God knows what London will be like in another decade or so.’

In a provocative outburst, the 76-year-old actor, who went on to star in Hollywood blockbusters including Superman, added: ‘You see these mums wandering around with their prams and four out of five of them have these scarves wrapped around their heads. I feel like it’s not London any more; not the one I used to know anyway.’

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Patria says:-

Has it come to this? A Thespian of Terence stamp should never be deprived of a mango – or indeed any other exotic fruit – because of a language barrier. Do these market traders never watch old movies? Can they not recognize an icon of the big screen when they see one?

Terry, mate, my heart goes out to you. Never mind about half a century or more of ethnic cleansing of the English from our capital. Never mind about the soaring crime rate as a result of two generations of immigration from the Third World. Never mind about the black riots every few years. Never mind about the sexual jihad waged against English children by Muslim rape gangs. Never mind about the Establishment-led war on the English via Anglophobic employment, health, education and housing policies. And never mind that we English have been a minority in London for at least the last four years. If a celebrity finds himself unable to buy a mango because an immigrant cannot speak English then something must be done.

Questions must be asked in the House. A public inquiry must be set up. In the meantime, perhaps you should start learning Urdu, or buy your mangoes in a supermarket.