Farage speak with forked tongue

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Dr Andrew Emerson

The great majority of immigrants to Britain are blacks and Asians, rather than Eastern Europeans. And UKIP would do nothing to restrict immigration from Africa and Asia. Farage said as much in the chamber of the European ‘parliament’ last year. UKIP are running scared of the ‘racist’ tag and are no different from Lib-Lab-Con in this respect.

It’s even highly questionable whether UKIP would take Britain out of the European Union. Let’s remember that many of their MEPs, including Farage, have become millionaires through attending the European ‘parliament’ and do not wish to forfeit their place at the trough.

However, there is an honest anti-immigration party: we’re called Patria. Visit our web site to find out more.


Only 10 minutes ago Nigel Farage said on live television that he would take the UK out of the EU, and he would operate a points system immigration system similar to Australia, quality not quantity, and more importantly NOT racist as this government is, both to indigenous British and people from outside the EU.

UKIP would take from all over the world.

I believe UKIP are an honest party full stop.

Dr Andrew Emerson

What Farage says and what he does are two entirely different things, florence.

UKIP is offering the voting public a false prospectus. They’re trying to be all things to all men and it’s only because the media are giving them a free ride that they appear to have got away with it up to now.

UKIP’s part of the rotten political Establishment. Not that they will get the chance but they would sign up to TTIP, privatize the NHS and make strikes illegal if they could. And just like Cameron they would find some pretext for keeping Britain in the EU.

UKIP can only be exposed by a party that is sincere about ending immigration by persons not of British ancestry and deporting the millions of illegal immigrants, failed asylum seekers, foreign convicts and overstayers in the country. That party is Patria.