Farage foraging for a gong?

By August 4, 2013February 18th, 2021No Comments

UKIP leader Nigel Farage is unhappy that no government patronage has been bestowed upon members of his party, in the shape of a peerage.

After all, £300-a-day just for turning up at the House of Hypocrisy bears comparison with what his freeloaders get for attending the European ‘parliament’ and it would mean that the lucky recipients would have much less distance to travel.

The two-faced Farage has also recently condemned the Home Office for its feeble public relations exercise, aimed at creating the false impression that government is actually doing something to address the continuing scandal of illegal immigration.

Farage seems to think that immigration officers doing their job, however sporadically and ineffectually, is in some peculiar way un-British.

He talks about the unreasonable fear of offending Muslims and yet he himself seems to be frightened of offending those in positions of power (some of them immigrants themselves) who want the illegal immigration to continue.

Arise, Sir Nigel of Look-the-Other-Way.