Fanfare for the common billionaire

By November 10, 2016February 18th, 2021No Comments

“Dewey Defeats Truman” gloated a Chicago newspaper’s headline in 1948, before the final results were known in the US presidential election of that year. The trouble was, though, that, just like this year’s US presidential election, the political and media Establishment called it wrong. They got it “wrong, wrong, wrong”, as the larger than life Donald Trump might say and probably has.

Was it wishful thinking on the part of the political and media Establishment that they consistently, during the presidential election campaign, belittled Trump and his prospects of victory? Was it that they, the pundits, parti pris academics and self-proclaimed experts were speaking into an echo chamber?

Or was it perhaps something more sinister: that, knowing the immense opinion shaping power of the 24/7 media of our modern age, they determined to use that power to secure the election of their favoured candidate – the Establishment insider, Hillary Clinton? Perhaps a little of each. Privately, they may be asking one another how such a continuous barrage of propaganda could have backfired so spectacularly.

It has been said, rightly I believe, that many of those who voted for each candidate, disliked them. But a presidential election is not entirely a personality contest, or a beauty contest. Policies also play a part. And there can be little doubt that the choice perceived by most voters was more of the same failed globalist, free movement policies that have blighted the lives of so many millions of ordinary Anglo-Saxon Americans, or change in the direction of economic nationalism.

What the Establishment media failed to appreciate was that the more unfairly they treated Trump, the more they vilified him, the more marginalized, “left behind”, white voters – Clinton’s “deplorables” – viewed him as a credible champion to articulate their demands and deliver the change they need.

How many of the estimated twelve million illegal immigrants in the country cast a vote we may never know. But on any rational calculation it is likely to have been millions.

Trump, though new to elected public office, has a flair for self-promotion and publicity. If politics is largely theatre and the president a celebrity, then the American people could hardly have made a more natural choice than “the Donald”.

Nationalists and patriots welcome the election of Trump in America, just as we welcomed the result of the EU referendum in June. Our ideas are featuring more largely in the public discourse, as the bankruptcy of one-sided free trade and Third World immigration becomes more evident with every day that passes.

Never have our policies been more relevant and more needed by our people than they are today. The result of the US presidential election, just like the result of the EU referendum here in Britain, bodes well for the French presidential election and elections in other Western European countries in 2017.

We have our own wall to build, our own swamp to drain, our own house to clean and put in order.

The momentum for change is building and the direction of travel established.

The future is ours. Join us in the fight for freedom!