Even the promise of Brexit has helped the economy

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In continuing Brexit defiance of the dire predictions of the Doomsayers of the Remain campaign in the EU Referendum, the latest export figures show healthy growth in last 12 months

On Friday the Office for National Statistics released the latest figures for overseas trade. Below we present a snapshot followed by some important background.


Export of services up by 10.1%

Export of goods up by 12.6%

Total exports (up 11.5%) increased faster than imports (up 8.6%)

Trade deficit narrowed by £12.8bn over the year

[These are from ONS figures released 09 March 2018, for year to Jan 2018, compared to year to Jan 2017]


There were 32.15 million people in work, 321,000 more than for a year earlier

The employment rate (the proportion of people aged 16 to 64 who were in work) was 75.2%, higher than for a year earlier (74.6%) and amongst the highest since 1972

There were 1.47 million unemployed people (people not in work but seeking and available to work), 123,000 fewer than a year earlier

The unemployment rate was 4.4%, down from 4.8% a year earlier

The inactivity rate (the proportion of people aged 16 to 64 who were economically inactive) was 21.3%, lower than a year earlier (21.6%) and still at the lowest since 1971

[These are from the latest ONS figures released last month]

Finally, here is some vintage Project Fear from the Chancellor, from his launch of the Treasury’s wholly erroneous and completely discredited main Brexit document:

“With exactly one month to go to the referendum, the British people must ask themselves this question: can we knowingly vote for a recession? Does Britain really want this DIY recession? Because that’s what the evidence shows we’ll get if we vote to leave the EU.”

George Osborne, Chancellor, 23 May 2016


Like you, we’re forced to listen to Remoaner MPs on an almost daily basis. This happens because the moment one of them utters something – no matter how inane – the BBC and/or Sky News and/or ITN covers it.

Regrettably the same is not true of pro-Brexit MPs, who struggle to get asked on to the major networks. When they do, their words are then distorted by Remoaner MPs immediately afterwards.

One evening our editor received a call at home from a former cabinet minister. During the conversation, this senior and well-regarded politician mentioned the continuing attacks he receives from Remainers.

“What staggers me is the way they continually lie quite blatantly,” he said.

“Even when it’s been something I said in a recorded interview the same day, which they can listen to on the Internet, they quote me as saying something different. And if my office tries to point this out, they don’t care and keep repeating the lies.”

Of course most of the public will say that politicians lie, and regrettably history is full of examples. In fact some of us would go further and endorse a theme of a major US network show of the last decade, whose main character’s view of people was: “Everybody Lies”.

Unfortunately, however, the sheer magnitude of the lies from some Remainers is quite appalling.

The further we get from the date of the Referendum, the more brazen are the lies from these Remoaner MPs. It is as if they think the British public has no memory of anything that occurred before the vote. Unfortunately the like of Chuka Umunna, Anna Soubry and the others are almost never challenged with facts. When did you ever hear a TV presenter ask them “But three weeks before the vote you said…” or “But the latest figures show that the opposite is the case”?

The reason you almost never hear this (unless it’s Andrew Neil doing the interview) is two-fold:

They’re generally clueless, and they’re of the Remoaner persuasion, so they don’t even want to go there.


For the benefit of our many overseas readers who have received a quite different impression from the grotesquely Europhile BBC over the last year or two, we regularly have to explain that the British public were lied to most by the Remain campaign, not by the Brexiteers.

Frankly the Brexit campaigns didn’t need to lie or exaggerate – the EU is quite bad enough without needing to overstate. The only exaggeration was a claim made on the side of a bus by a moron in the Vote Leave management team – a claim which we never supported from day one.

This, however, was very mild in comparison with the lies of the Remainers, including the Prime Minister and his senior team. The figure on the bus was the gross figure for UK contributions, without stating that it was the gross and not the net figure. Nevertheless, it is true that Britons were (and still are) haemorrhaging their tax pounds to the EU on a weekly basis.

Of one thing there can be no doubt: over a year after the historic vote to leave the EU, the UK is on great form. A wide variety of indicators are positive and the good news just keeps on coming.

Yes, of course nothing is ever perfect and of course there are many things we would all like to see improve. That’s always the case in any country, regardless of one-off events like Brexit. However it’s impossible for any reasonable person not to admit that the preachers of doom and misery got everything hopelessly and unarguably wrong in 2016.

What’s almost worse is that those Remoaners are sticking to their lies despite all the evidence to the contrary each day.

Brexit Britain is in good shape and should hold its head high when talking to the EU.

[Sources: Office for National Statistics | The Treasury | BBC]