EU tries to pull the wool over Aussie eyes

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Firstly we’ll make a quick point that we’ve made before. Yesterday’s big EU announcement was made by the EU’s Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom. This is a woman appointed by Jean-Claude Juncker to the EU trade job with no previous trade experience.

Just think about the statement above. Ms Malmstrom isn’t a publicly elected minister, she’s a bureaucrat – a civil servant. How is it conceivable to have the EU’s trade department led by a woman with no prior trade experience?

Now you know why the EU failed to secure free trade agreements with the major economies of the world in the last sixty years. And before anyone tries to cite agreements, get real. Do your research as we do. Very few are with major economies and the latest post-Referendum scramble by a scared Commission (attempted deals with USA, Canada, Japan) has resulted in one abject failure and two deals that still haven’t been ratified.


The level of deliberate disinformation and propaganda now being produced by the EU is worthy of some of the worst totalitarian regimes in history. Members of our team have experience of communist regimes, which is why we’re brutally honest in noting the former communists in the EU Commission.

It is imperative that they be called out on it.

We now call upon all newspaper editors and all British politicians and commentators to condemn the EU’s actions in the strongest terms.

We have reported on numerous examples of the EU’s warlike propaganda machine and this can no longer be glossed over as if it doesn’t matter. It matters. People everywhere in the EU and internationally are being brainwashed with disinformation from the EU which is either patently and demonstrably false or which is so misleading as to constitute fake news.

We hope that all media professionals and politicians who believe in the truth will be interested in this.


To end on a positive note, it is welcome that the EU is finally waking up to the other economies of the world. We would be very happy if Australia and New Zealand were finally able to achieve a free trade deal with the EU, after so many years of trying. Based on the EU’s past performance in failing to agree trade deals, however, we strongly suspect we will still be writing about this well into the next decade.

In the meantime there is the glorious opportunity represented by Brexit, provided Mrs May is stopped from her absurd and damaging policies on new customs arrangements with the EU. Provided that is resolved as quickly as possible, we could be increasing trade with our antipodean cousins in no time.

We think this is a much more interesting opportunity than having to deal with the EU.

[Sources: EU Commission | Australian Government Trade Dept | Australian Bureau of Statistics] 07.30am, 23 May 2018