EU the Soviet Union of the 21st century

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Name: Miss Eva, Budapest, Hungary Date/Time: 09 Aug 2018, 08.28am

Message: Yes, as a Hungarian I think we learnt our lesson thanks to the Russians. My and my parents’ generation experienced what it means and how it feels to have our national identity, culture and history taken away, re-written and distorted. I think and I hope that we will not allow something similar to happen to us again.

We felt we could breathe again when finally it was all over. We were happy and excited to rebuild our long longed for freedom and rediscover who we really are as a nation. Now it starts looking so different and the EU looks like Russian control.

Dear great UK, of all countries, do not give your freedom away now you have voted for it. I really don’t think you will like it. With kind regards from Hungary

Name: Patrick F, Kent, UK Date/Time: 09 Aug 2018, 08.19am

Message: Your piece prompted me to read some of the words of Martin Howe QC, Chair of Lawyers for Britain.

This extract is taken from a speech he gave in response to an address from your ‘friend’ and mine, M Barnier. The words in square brackets are my own.

“The UK’s departure from the EU is not born from any hostility towards the EU, still less towards the peoples of Europe.

“It is just that our future paths are so different [ours successful, yours a failure] that it serves neither the interests of the UK, nor of the EU for our membership to continue.”

27th May 2018, speech made at the XXVIII Congress of FIDE (Federation Internationale pour le Droit Europeen/International Federation for European Law) at Estoril, Portugal

I suggest the new chief Brexit negotiator begins with these words.

Name: NOT4EU, London, UK Date/Time: 09 Aug 2018, 08.03am

Message: The ‘Letters of Formal Notice’ regarding income & corporate tax relief just go to show how deeply the EU’s hands are in our pockets. Despite claims to the contrary, that income/corporation taxes are fully under our control, the EU ARE interfering with our tax regime and thus the economy.