EU rules spell ruin for British industry and its workers

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Tata’s UK steel plants could be nationalised as government explores ‘all options’ to save 15,000 jobs

Indian firm Tata Steel is planning to sell its entire UK steel operation

Up to 15,000 workers could be out of jobs if steel giant sells off UK works

Huge plant in Port Talbot, Wales, is among those which could be sold off

But EU rules prevent British government blocking cheap Chinese imports

Business Secretary Sajid Javid remains in Australia after refusing to cut short his trade trip


30 March 2016

Thousands of jobs at Tata steel plants across the UK could be saved by the Government after ministers said temporary nationalisation of the industry was a possibility.

The Indian-based firm announced last night that it was planning to sell it’s loss-making UK business, putting 15,000 jobs at risk.

Business minister Anna Soubry said the Government is exploring ‘all options’ but admitted they could be restricted in their actions due to harsh EU rules.

Brussels restrictions on state aid could prevent the UK Government from intervening in the industry while EU rules were also blamed for failing to protect the steel industry from cheap Chinese imports.

The EU imposes a tariff of just 24 per cent on Chinese steel imports, compared to the 266 per cent levied in the US.

And while thousands of steel workers face the prospect of unemployment, Business Secretary Sajid Javid remains 6,000 miles away after refusing to cut short his trade trip to Australia.

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