EU reckons on annual tribute from UK continuing

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The proposal is based on the premise that the United Kingdom, following its withdrawal as of 30 March 2019, will continue to contribute to and participate in the implementation of EU budgets until the end of 2020 as if it were a Member State.

EU Commission, Brussels, 23 May 2018


Forget detailed analysis. Forget all the detailed facts we’ve brought you over the last few years.

Forget arguments about gross versus net. Forget the fact that the small proportion that comes back to the UK is decided by the EU and not by your elected representatives in parliament.

Forget the fact that the payments don’t even include the massive sums the UK pays to the EU each year which are “off-the-books”, and which are never mentioned in the BBC’s ‘reality check’ service.

What you are left with is the inescapable reality. In Brexit year 2019, according to the EU after its negotiations with Mrs May, the UK’s gross contribution to the EU will be £15.4 billion pounds.


In your wildest imagination, did you expect that in the third year after you voted in the Referendum, the UK would still be paying anything like this amount of money to the EU, with more to pay the following year?

We believe Jeremy Corbyn would have been even worse, but in our opinion this Prime Minister will go down as being the worst in living memory, when people can eventually look back on this episode in the nation’s life with objectivity.

She is either grossly incompetent, or deliberately acting to thwart Brexit, or both. It is with deep regret that we suspect the latter.


We know for a fact that the BBC’s Brussels correspondent had the same information that we had yesterday. And yet none of what we have reported appears in the BBC headlines today. Why not?

To all readers: Please note that Brexit Facts4EU.Org is party neutral – we comment only insofar as it relates to Brexit. This means the LibDem and Greens are beyond the pale, Labour (with honourable exceptions) are hopeless and confused, and the Conservative government does not represent the majority views of Conservative voters. We are increasingly of the view that this government urgently requires a change of leadership, with no new general election needed.

[Sources: EU Commission] 08.30am, 24 May 2018


Name: Brexiteer, Braintree, Essex, UK Date/Time: 24 May 2018, 09.39am

Message: Last year we BORROWED more than £40billion to make ends meet. Next year we are paying the EU £15.4billion of BORROWED money. What for, why, what do we get for that? May and her civil servants are so inept they are selling us down the river. Just let the UK drop out of the EU on the 29th of March 2019. We will be a third country, so if the EU wants something they come to us to ask. The UK and the EU are then equals. Whilst they receive our money they treat the UK with contempt. The EU has no incentive to negotiate.