EU membership means free movement of terrorists

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Michael Gove claims EU rules forced him to let criminals and terror suspects into Britain and warned he is powerless to stop it without Brexit

Gove said the restrictions were ‘frustrating’ as he campaigned for Brexit

He claimed he Britain had an ‘inability’ to refuse entry to terror suspects

His comments are a renewal of Vote Leave’s attack on free movement rules

British border security is under intense scrutiny during the Brexit battle


2 June 2016

Michael Gove has claimed that as Justice Secretary he is unable to stop terror suspects and criminals from entering Britain because of EU rules.

The leading Vote Leave campaigner revealed his ‘frustration’ at the impact of EU laws on free movement on his ability to keep the country safe.

Mr Gove’s claims will heighten further growing scrutiny of Britain’s border security days after it emerged people smugglers have begun sending boats into the English Channel.

The Home Office has come under fire for not providing enough patrols of the south east England coast as the migrant crisis continues to grip Europe.

Mr Gove made his claims in an essay issued by Portland.

He said: ‘As Justice Secretary, I have experienced the frustration at our inability to refuse entry to those with a criminal record and even some who are suspected of terrorist links.’

He has pushed tough new immigration rules on the latest leg of the Vote Leave battle bus tour which has seen him – together with leading campaigners Boris Johnson and Priti Patel.

The Justice Secretary has vowed to press ahead with ’emergency measures’ to rein in the European Court of Justice if Britain backs Brexit on 23 June.

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