EU is heading for the Juncker’s yard

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In the past few days, the myth of EU unity has been exposed as yet another lie from the political and media Establishment.

Yesterday, the Visegrad Group of four EU countries met under the presidency of Hungary’s Viktor Orban.

This time, the V4 were joined by a special guest – Austria’s Chancellor Sebastian Kurz. He joined the leaders of Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, as they met to discuss the continuing and escalating crisis within the EU over what to do about immigration.

The EU Commission had taken the unconstitutional step of convening a special meeting of a selected number of EU countries – to which the V4 were not invited – and had even issued a draft agreement.

As Hungary’s Viktor Orban pointed out: “It is not the Commission’s place to organize any prime ministerial summit”. Brexit Facts4EU.Org has the documents proving that this ad hoc meeting of restricted attendance was indeed organized by the EU Commission.


The EU’s ‘solidarity’ and ‘unity’ is now a complete sham. When the Chancellor of Austria turns up to the Visegrad Summit, and the Italian government threatens to boycott any EU talks on immigration, you know things are getting serious.

Germany’s Frau Merkel is in hot water in her own country over her disastrous open door immigration policy. This unilateral policy broke EU rules by flouting its Dublin regulation and yet Germany hasn’t even been censured or fined for it. Merkel now has less than two weeks to persuade EU countries to agree something, or risks facing her coalition government falling apart.

Meanwhile yesterday, the EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker nevertheless felt able to visit Ireland for two days with Michel Barnier, in a further attempt to prevent the UK from leaving the EU on any form of rational basis.

It is no exaggeration to say that the EU is going through one of its worst times this century. If we had a Prime Minister worth her salt, the government would capitalise on the disarray in the interest of the United Kingdom.

[Source: the Visegrad Group] 08.25am, 22 June 2018