EU empire needs British armed forces and eurocrats know it

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It may surprise some readers that “Promoting peace and guaranteeing the security of our citizens are our first priorities as European Union”, as the EU’s Defence Secretary put it yesterday.

Long gone are the days when the EU pretended to be a trading bloc. Now it not only acts as a quasi-superstate when it comes to social and tax laws and every new thing it can think of, but it has also arrogated the first duty of national governments – the defence of the realm.


Almost everyone in the United Kingdom knows of Nick Clegg famously and repeatedly ridiculing all of us who warned of plans for an EU Army (or ‘combined defence forces’). Memorably Clegg did battle with Nigel Farage in a TV debate in 2014, and lost miserably. However his words have never been forgotten…. “A dangerous fantasy”.

Faced with the bare-faced military build-up now going on each week in the EU, perhaps he would like to grovel out an apology to Mr Farage – and to the British people as a whole – for his deliberate and shameless lies. No amount of sophistry or weasel words will get around the fact that all of this was planned and he knew it.

When we talk of military build-up, we’re referring to structures, organizations, headquarters, combined forces, materiel, and finances.


It almost doesn’t matter about the detail in our piece above. For example if you don’t know what PESCO is, it doesn’t matter. Just look at the EU Council’s list overall and you get the picture.

The EU is a mostly unelected, unaccountable, and dysfunctional continental machine intent on taking over all military capabilities in the EU member states.

It pays lip service to ‘working with NATO’ but in reality it wants to replace it. The military and foreign policy side of the EU is headed up by an Italian former Communist. She only left the Party when it disbanded in Italy and became a ‘socialist’ party. Now she is probably the most powerful woman in the EU.

The EU’s military now has finance and is starting to grow muscle. Early days but the means are now all there.


Our MPs are almost all unaware of what’s going on, as they have been hoodwinked by Remainer civil servants and vested interests in the defence consultancies and equipment manufacturers.

We must pull out of all EU structures, protocols, agreements, battlegroups, financing arrangements, and every other EU mechanism now.

We have serious ideas about a strategy going forward but that’s for further articles. Any politicians who would like to hear a more independent voice (than the MoD) on these matters is welcome to contact us in absolute confidence.

Below we publish a summary to make everyone think. You don’t have to master all the complexities of the defence issues at stake here. All we ask is that you use your common sense as you scan articles like these. We don’t lie and we don’t need to exaggerate. The EU is quite bad enough without needing to.

We very much hope that MPs will start to take a very serious interest indeed in what the EU is planning. Furthermore, we strongly suggest that they adopt a “we’re out of everything” attitude when it comes to our armed forces and Brexit.

The reality is that we have bilateral agreements with countries like France anyway. There are very few countries of any military significance in the EU – generally it’s the UK’s huge power which dominates. The UK should and must negotiate separately with the EU for all matters relating to defence and foreign policy cooperation.

The idea that the EU can run its own defence forces is a complete joke. It can’t even pay its own way in NATO. Nonetheless, it will try to keep the UK completely embedded, because it needs our huge defence budget and capabilities – at least for the next couple of decades.

Finally, we would love to work with other interested bodies, we’re very happy to provide information for MPs and committees, and we’re fairly sure that our readers will want us to fight to ensure that no British forces get left behind after Brexit.

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Name: Norman, Taunton, UK Date/Time: 29 Mar 2018, 3.13pm

Message: You know it really would not surprise me to see the EU try to invade the UK, with help internally from the remainers. Our MPs really don’t have a clue and our elite leaders really do not want us to leave. We have been sold down the river. I really have doubts that we will ever leave and our independence and sovereignty will be lost for ever. You also need to watch the Muslims, who are not what they appear. Sorry but there you go. If you want more then contact me.

Name: Brexiteer, Braintree, Essex Date/Time: 29 Mar 2018, 09.28am

Message: Rapid defence deployment inside the EU, that’s the plan. In the original terms I read that the EU Commission can deploy their defence force anywhere, in any country without consultation with that country’s government, to defend so-called European ‘values’. They can intervene in any country to prevent public meetings of which the unelected Commission disapproves. If the Defence force had been formed earlier it would have been interesting to see if they became involved in Spain during the disputed Catalonian election. This force alone can be used to prevent any other country having a Brexit moment, as any political dialogue deemed un-European could be closed down. Thank God we are leaving!