Establishment’s ‘Foreigners First’ policy exposed

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Britain is STILL handing out millions of pounds in aid to budding superpowers India and China despite pledges to stop the cash flowing

Promises were made in 2012 to ensure aid went where it was needed most

At the time, the aid budget was expanding to meet international targets

A new report has found millions of pounds is still going to India and China


16 November 2016

Britain is still pouring millions of pounds of aid into India and super-rich China despite a pledge to stop rolling out cash to economic powers, a report found.

The Government has maintained its controversial pledge to spend 0.7 per cent of national income on foreign aid – a figure which means the UK will continue to lavish £12 billion on aid every year.

Following widespread concern that money was being frittered away, the new International Development Secretary Priti Patel promised an overhaul to make the system ‘deliver for our national interests’.

While many schemes offering direct aid to wealthier nations have been cut, a major new report has concluded ‘significant’ cashflows have continued through ‘other channels’.

A watchdog, the Independent Commission for Aid Impact (ICAI), accused the Government of actually ‘scaling up’ assistance it was offering foreign powers, while ‘creating an impression all aid was being phased out’.

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