Establishment paedophile promotion parties in the dock

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Cyril Smith was held at paedophile sex party – but police were told ‘cover it up or face prosecution under the Official Secrets Act’

29-stone Liberal MP was snared by undercover police sting on child abuse

Police allegedly targeted London houses suspected of hosting sex parties

Smith was reportedly held at property in Streatham but released hours later

Officers were then ordered to hand over all notebooks and video footage

Extraordinary claims made by sources in BBC Newsnight investigation

Smith was outed as serial child abuser in Parliament by MP Simon Danczuk

Calls for PM to lift Official Secrets Act to allow whistleblowers to speak out


17 March 2015

Cyril Smith was arrested at a sex party with teenage boys but police were told to cover it up and the evidence was destroyed, according to an investigation.

The 29-stone Liberal MP was snared by an undercover police operation gathering evidence of child abuse only to be released without charge.

Sources say officers had targeted several properties in south London suspected of hosting sex parties and the paedophile was secretly filmed and photographed abusing boys.

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Patria says:-

It is unsatisfactory in a matter of such gravity that the Metropolitan Police should investigate its own past behaviour. The investigation should at least have been made the responsibility of a different force. The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC), overseeing the investigation as a watchdog, has inadequate powers. For example, it cannot subpoena witnesses to appear before it.

If these allegations are true, there appears to be a parallel between: the treatment accorded by the police to a privileged caste of MPs, judges, mandarins, ‘celebrities’ and other Establishment figures on the one hand; and on the other hand, the virtual impunity granted to Muslim rape gangs that waged a sexual jihad against English children for decades, with the encouragement of police, social workers, councillors, MPs, crown prosecutors and the media.

I wonder what the common denominator of the two types of paedophile scandal could be.

Though certain Lib-Lab-Con MPs may try to claim some credit for belatedly raising these scandals in parliament, they had previously been common currency on the internet for many years. And until recently they were dismissed by the political and media Establishment, those who spoke out being pilloried as ‘racists’ and/or conspiracy theorists.

If a conspiracy exists then a theory is needed in order to explain it.

Once closet homosexuals, such as Cyril Smith, enter the House of Commons they often begin to feel a huge sense of entitlement (‘Look at all I’ve done for the party/movement in the past’). And if senior police and MI5 officers shield them from prosecution they begin to think they are untouchable.

It may well suit MI5 to have a hold over MPs. The merest hint of exposure of the MP’s crimes would be sufficient to ensure their slavish compliance with the expressed wishes of their controller.

Perhaps the Elm Guest House was an MI5 honey trap, for MPs, other Establishment figures and foreign diplomats, which the police stumbled across. Once captured in this way, these intelligence ‘assets’ could be blackmailed into doing the bidding of MI5 for the rest of their lives.

Lib-Lab-Con – the paedophile promotion parties of the rotten Anglophobic Establishment.

In view of the possible involvement of MI5 in suppressing evidence, PM David Cameron must issue a statement, assuring potential witnesses of their immunity from any hypothetical prosecution under the current Official Secrets Act.

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