Establishment brainwashing of our children

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Dear Marriage supporter

The Government intends to allow Ofsted to investigate any place which provides instruction for more than 6 hours in any week to under-19s in England. Inspectors would be on the lookout for “undesirable teaching” – that is, anything deemed to conflict with the Government’s vague and subjective ‘British values’ test.

Ofsted inspectors applying the ‘British’ values test in schools have already shown hostility towards traditional marriage supporters. In some cases, failure to support same-sex ‘marriage’ has been used as the litmus test for deciding if a school is promoting extremism.

The Government says the new powers are needed to catch potential ‘extremists’ and disturbingly, some Ofsted inspectors regard belief in traditional marriage as a sure sign of holding extremist views!

Thankfully, several MPs have used a Parliamentary debate to point out the problems with the scheme, condemning the plans as “hopelessly broad” and “unworkable”.

For more information, see our short briefing.

Ashers appeal adjourned

The appeal hearing for Ashers Baking Co has been adjourned until 9 May following a last-minute legal submission from the Attorney General for Northern Ireland.

John Larkin QC raised questions over the constitutional validity of the regulations on which the case is based.

Spokeswoman for C4M Sharon James said: “The McArthurs recognise that all the arguments need to be looked at carefully. The family remains hopeful that the judges will rule in its favour, after the full hearing in May.”

You can show your support for Ashers by signing the Support Ashers petition. C4M does not share your information with anyone else and you will not be added to any other mailing lists.

‘Marriage-lite’ bid fails

A heterosexual couple who want to have a civil partnership because they object to marriage have lost their legal challenge at London’s High Court.

Charles Keidan and Rebecca Steinfeld claimed that their human rights were being breached because heterosexual – unlike same-sex couples – are not allowed to have a civil partnership.

This is welcome news. Marriage has already been ‘redefined’ in law to include same-sex ‘marriage’ – we do not wish to see it attacked again.

Keidan and Steinfeld have said they will appeal the decision.

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