Establishment betrayal of Brexit gathers pace

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The announcement that the UK’s doors are going to be thrown wide to Croats was made on the day the new UK-EU withdrawal and ‘transition’ deal was announced by David Davis and Michel Barnier in Brussels.

Even the mainstream media was forced to report the announcement of the withdrawal and ‘transition’ deal – because it was so significant – though they failed adequately to report the opposition to it, as usual.

A cynic might say that Monday was therefore a perfect opportunity to slip out the news about free movement for all Croats into the UK. If this was the intention it was a success. We have been unable to find this news from any other British news organization, including the BBC.

Unfortunately for the government, Brexit Facts4EU.Org were on the case as usual.

We know many of the countries in the EU – members of the team have lived and/or worked in many of them. Croatia is one of the few of which we don’t have personal knowledge, in part because it only became a country one could safely visit from 1995. Some Britons will know Croatia from tourism – it has a beautiful coastline.

The government is at pains to reassure the British people – those who are reading this, because they made sure no-one else could know about it – that almost no-one from Croatia will come to live and work in the UK from this summer.

If that is the case, why was it that the Croatian Prime Minister specifically asked David Davis to lift the restrictions, when they met just two weeks ago?

Readers may also remember when the then UK government gave similar reassurances in 2004, when Poland and many Eastern European countries joined the EU. The public were then told by the Labour government that “between 5,000 to 13,000 net immigrants [sic] per year” were expected. More than a million Poles arrived, as well as many other nationalities.

It was a similar story with Romania and Bulgaria.


Six weeks ago when Mr Plenković made his comments about Brexit we gave him some advice. Here is what we told him:

“One day, Sir, you may need a friendly United Kingdom. It is exceedingly unwise of you to think you have the faintest idea why we voted to rid ourselves of the dysfunctional nightmare that is the club you joined recently. The vast, vast majority of the lies and disinformation came from the Remain campaign and from the Establishment of which you are a member. These lies are being disproved on a weekly basis as the country’s performance has defied all the predictions of immediate Armageddon.

“Frankly, Prime Minister, it is outrageous of you to think you know the first thing about this. Presumably you’re one of those Eurofanatics who think that the FT and the Guardian – preferred reading in the corridors of Brussels – represent the views of the British people and the facts of life in the UK. They most emphatically do not.”

Since then, we regret to say that we have realized that the UK government seem to be prepared to give away everything, demanding nothing in return. They seem to be doing so in the misguided hope that this show of generosity and decency [for which read weakness and cowardice] will inspire the same in our EU partners. Naive in the extreme, as they would know if they spent as long as we do studying the EU.


The bigger point here, though, is about the widening gulf between the government and the people of our fair islands. It is as if the political classes are on a suicide mission. Do they really not understand what a seismic shift has been taking place?

Brexit isn’t an issue like any other. Betray the public on Brexit and the consequences may be far more than you bargained for.

We have to say we have been amazed at the number of people who have told us in the last few days that they will never vote Conservative again. And most of these say they are life-long Conservatives.

The latest news about granting free movement to Croats, in the same week that the government has capitulated totally to the EU, and in the same week that we are told that the UK’s passports will be made by a Franco-Dutch company when the UK is home to the biggest passport-maker in the world…? All of this simply astounds us.

We do have one piece of good news for you, to end on. As a result of the British government’s actions, the Croatian government has ‘generously’ agreed to lift restrictions on British workers going to Croatia.

We’re sure that will be a load off for you.

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Name: Martine, UK Date/Time: 22 Mar 2018, 07.15am

Message: Hi – I’m interested on your views on this: Eloise Todd taking David Davis to court on the ‘referendum lock’. She says ‘our Brexit terms will actually mean a big transfer of powers to Brussels, particularly for the transition period and possibly even beyond’. If this is true then the deal is a total scandal. This group is a danger to Brexit. More here: Best wishes, Martine