An open and shut case?

Mistrial by Media


The conviction, in 2012, of Messrs Dobson and Norris of the murder of Stephen Lawrence has highlighted a number of very serious issues.

It is evident that the political Establishment was determined to stitch up these men (no angels, admittedly) at almost any cost, including taking the desperate measures of abolishing our time-honoured ‘no double jeopardy’ rule of English common law and setting a dangerous prededent of retrospection in the application of the change. Furthermore, the campaign of defamation waged against Dobson and Norris by the ‘mainstream’ media over many years made it impossible for them to receive a fair trial.

The Establishment maintains a conspiracy of silence about the disproportionate preponderance of English victims of racially aggravated murder over English perpetrators of racially aggravated murder. Indeed, it is responsible for creating this horrific situation, through its policies of encouraging the mass immigration of ethnic aliens from lands where life is cheap and institutional discrimination in their favour and against the indigenous peoples of Britain, particularly the English.

The Establishment operates a double standard where race is concerned.  Where, unusually, the victim of a crime is black or Asian and the alleged perpetrator English, the police and CPS treat the crime as racially-motivated as a matter of course and comprehensive media coverage is guaranteed.  But where, much more commonly, the victim is English and the alleged perpetrator black or Asian, the police and CPS rarely, if ever, treat the crime as racially-motivated and the national media will not publicize the crime, “in the interests of community cohesion,” to quote their hypocritical cant.

We, the English, demand equal treatment under the law.

This hard-hitting video speaks the truth and boldly: if you’re a member of the ethnic majority in Britain today, you’re a second class citizen, whose life and limb are at the mercy of ethnic aliens.