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A Stranger in a Strange Land

by Dick Franklin

I grew up in Harrow, which used to be in Middlesex but is now one of the 32 London Boroughs. Most people have heard of Harrow School and Harrow on the Hill but Harrow is quite a large borough taking in districts such as Harrow Weald (where I grew up), Wealdstone and Pinner. Harrow used to have quite a number of large manufacturing businesses, notably Kodak (now gone), Whitefriars Glass (now gone) and Winsor & Newton (now gone).

In 1969 I joined the newly formed National Front when I was 21, although I had been active in British nationalism since I was 15. I met up with another local member who was about my age and we formed the Harrow Group of the NF which came under the wing of the neighbouring Camden & Brent Branch.

At the tender age of 22 I stood as a candidate in the Belmont ward and managed to get 6% of the vote, which surprised both me and the branch chairman (Belmont had quite a large Jewish population). Our group grew such that Harrow attained branch status. Our election results were getting better and better and in the 1977 Greater London Council elections we fielded candidates in virtually every seat in North West London (by now I was regional organiser). We did not win any but we beat the Liberals in many of them.

There was a district in Ealing called Southall which was infamous for being overrun by Asians. In 1972 the National Front held a march through the town. There was no trouble whatsoever. In our campaigning in Harrow we would point to Southall and say “Look at Southall – if you do not do something now, it will happen here”. The (then) overwhelmingly white people of Harrow seemed largely unmoved.

Earlier this year I had to stay in Harrow for about three months as my elder brother was seriously ill. As I came out of the railway station the first thing I saw was a solicitor’s office, but this was no ordinary solicitor’s office. The fascia read “House of Immigration”. Next door was an Asian owned shop stuffed with alcohol although it described itself as a newsagent. In the window were numbers of day glow stickers offering “massage” services provided by black/Asian and even Muslim ladies. In my day such advertisements would have been unthinkable.

As I walked across the railway bridge I came across the Harrow Mosque (of which more later). This is unmistakeable because it has a huge black minaret which sticks into the sky like a space rocket. How on Earth did they get planning permission for that? Very easily I guess.

I got to the Northwick Park hospital reception which was a scene of third world chaos. Dozens of black clad Asian women, some fully veiled and waving bits of paper, were besieging a lone and very harassed lady receptionist. She assured me that my brother would have been taken to A&E (Accident and Emergency). I very much doubted this but she insisted it was so. This hospital is like a small town. It was nearly a mile to walk from the main reception to A&E. A&E was like another noisy scene from the third world. I queued up and was continually jostled until I got to the front. I was in the wrong queue the black receptionist told me curtly. This was not the queue for ambulances (there was nothing to indicate otherwise). When I got to the front of the next queue the Asian receptionist told me they had no record of my brother and that he would not have been sent to A&E anyway. She advised that I go back to main reception.

By now I was getting tearful. A white nurse, Irish I think, took pity on me. She scrutinized one of the receptionist’s screens and found the ward where my brother had been taken. She escorted me there by a number of back corridors. I found my brother. One frightened white face amongst the outpourings of Asia and Africa.

According to the 2011 census approximately 70% of the population of Harrow is made up of Indian/Pakistani descended people and those of similar racial origin. The remaining 30% is made up of all other racial groups. However the concentration in central Harrow is much higher. I did my own head count and I found that the racial make up was 80% Asian, 10% black and 10% white. Of the 10% white at least half were of East European origin.

This is not surprising as the house prices in the outlying districts of Harrow, such as Pinner, Hatch End and Stanmore are very high and still beyond the pockets of most Asians. Even so, it is likely that the census figures are probably understated. Recently one three bedroom terraced house in central Harrow was found to be home to 42 Asians – all sharing one bathroom (assuming it was used). There are probably many like this. Even the Asian run Harrow Council admits this.

Some of the more enterprising Asians have been buying adjoining terraced properties and then illegally knocking them together to accommodate their very large extended families. Unfortunately, some of them seem to be unaware of the concept of load bearing walls and the buildings have become unsafe.

I happened to walk past the Harrow mosque. This is directly opposite the Civic Centre where the Harrow branch of the NF once used to hold its monthly meetings. I have to admit that this mosque is an impressive building. I have already mentioned the huge and dominating minaret. The building itself is very well built and very solid in appearance. Obviously no expense has been spared. It is surrounded by a high steel fence with sharp points. The doors to the building are relatively small and appear to be of heavy steel and of course the whole place is bristling with CCTV cameras.

It must have been a Friday because the place was beseiged with hordes of male Muslim Asians all trying to get through the narrow entrances. Many of these were wearing what appeared to be nightgowns. There is a separate side entrance, presumably for women but I did not see any going in.

British nationalists are used to being accused of race hatred…

So how did this situation come about? Volumes have been written on the issue. Some is fantasy and some more considered. My own view is that the causes are complex and resorting to conspiracy theories just makes us look silly.

We all know that mass immigration to the UK started in the early 1950s, supposedly as a short term answer to a labour shortage. The longer term consequences were clearly not thought out and only one major Establishment politician, Enoch Powell, later accepted that it had been a mistake and spoke out against it.

However, what has happened in the UK has been mirrored all over the western world. Put simply, there has been a massive programme of social engineering by Marxist and liberal ideologues, with fallacious beliefs, in positions of authority. All those who are preaching at us daily about the “benefits” of immigration and the evil of anyone who says otherwise, have been through universities and other institutions and constructively brainwashed into one strait jacket of belief.

This belief brooks no opposition. It is also very clever. Do you want to keep your job? Then sign this bit of paper saying you support our “diversity” policy. You want to say immigration is wrong? Then we will prosecute you. And if by luck you get found not guilty we will prosecute you again and again until you run out of money.

In his prophetic novel 1984, George Orwell predicted the invention of Newspeak. Newspeak was a process of constantly changing or deleting words so as to prevent “thought crime”. Have you heard the term “illegal immigrant” lately? Now they are all called migrants. If I had room I could list quite a lot of Newspeak. But if you are reading this, the chances are you will be well aware of this insidious process.

All forms of western mass media now speak with the same predictable message. The only comfort I see in all this is that there are signs that this monster may now have started to eat its own tail. There have been cases where anti-racists are now denouncing others of their ilk for making mistakes or being insufficiently zealous. It is as if their collective insanity is threatening to engulf them. We can only hope.