English Lives Matter

By October 9, 2021No Comments

If the planet is currently in a warming phase, causing climate change, man’s contribution to the process is infinitesimal in comparison to that of the sun.

There is enough coal underground in the UK to last several hundred years yet, unlike China, for example, we are not mining it, burning it and exporting it but instead importing it.

And successive Lib-Lab-Con administrations have not built new nuclear generating capacity in a timely manner, but instead indulged in the dangerous delusion that wind and solar alternatives are capable of substantially taking the place of coal, oil, gas and nuclear energy.

On the three policies most damaging to our national interest Lib-Lab-Con are broadly unanimous. These are, in order of importance: population replacement via immigration; the ‘net zero carbon’ dismantling of our energy security in the name of flawed science; and the removal of our civil liberty via lockdown.

The choice is still between allowing immigration or prospering. English Lives Matter