Dr Emerson’s riposte to a Tory trimmer

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Dr Andrew Emerson

6:24 PM on 25/04/2015

No mention of immigration in this essay. 624,000 is the recently estimated annual influx, the highest it has ever been. Cameron has admitted he admires the war criminal, Tony Blair. There is nothing to choose between their parties on immigration. Both betray the British people at every turn.

No mention of so-called same-sex ‘marriage’ either. Unlike many of his party colleagues he didn’t vote against this piece of madness. He didn’t vote for it either. What was he doing – sitting on the fence?

The deficit needs to be considerably reduced, though not so quickly as to tip the economy into recession or to endanger lives, as cuts to the West Sussex Fire service risk doing.

But any sensible long term solution needs to address the structural weakness of the economy that makes it so vulnerable to global financial crises.

We need to move away from an unsustainable reliance upon an endless stream of foreign cheap labour in the form of immigration from the Third World and Eastern Europe.

Rather than continue to be a low wage-low productivity economy we should re-industrialize Britain and re-create real jobs for our people behind the shelter of temporary import controls, until those industries can be grown to strength and maturity.

In order to do this we need to leave the EU, membership of which costs us, on a conservative estimate, £8.5 billion per year. We would then be free to trade with the rest of the world as we please. No mention of this either in the essay.

Immigration causes low pay, unemployment and underemployment for our people. It also destroys social cohesion and breeds crime and terrorism.

It does more: it creates intolerable demands upon our public services, such as the NHS. It fuels house price inflation, pricing our young people out of the market and encouraging developers to build all over our beautiful countryside. Lib-Lab-Con MPs changed the law in order to make it more easy for developers to get their own way in planning disputes.

The 1600 houses Chichester District Council plan to build at Whitehouse Farm will destroy the beautiful character of the City of Chichester for ever. I’ve lived in the city for the last 28 years and I want it to remain the great place to live it’s been during that time.

Isn’t that what a conservative is meant to do – conserve?

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