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UKIP declining from 2014 peak, shows ComRes poll

25 March, 2015

LONDON (ShareCast) – UKIP is on the back foot, having peaked in October 2014, according to data by a ComRes Ltd poll involving 1,001 people. Of all the parties, UKIP lost the most ground in February, down three points to 10%. Meanwhile, Labour and the Tories tied with 35% of the vote each.

UKIP has traditionally pulled voters from both parties, but as the election looms, data suggests that many of these voters will return to one of the major parties, having realised that a UKIP MP from their constituency is unlikely.

Analysts say the most likely outcome of the election is a hung parliament, with Labour and the Tories currently locked in the highest combined two-party vote share since September 2013.

The ComRes poll also marked Labour’s highest score in six months and the Conservatives’ highest since November 2012. Meanwhile, UKIP’s share was the lowest since December 2013, after the party peaked at 19% in October 2014.

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