Dorset meeting a rip-roaring success!

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Patria held yet another highly successful meeting in East Dorset on Monday. Attendance was up on the last meeting at the same venue in February, as was the collection.

The assembled patriots listened spellbound to electrifying speeches by Rick Marter, the well-known local activist, Dr Andrew Emerson and Patria Leader, Ian Johnson. Patria’s Chairman, the dedicated Dennis Whiting, again travelled from his home in East Kent to chair the meeting.

Among many excellent points in Rick’s speech was that continuing mass immigration from the Third World and Eastern Europe means a race to the bottom in the wages and working conditions of our own people.

In his speech Dr Emerson demanded rhetorically, with reference to a certain park in the Islamic Caliphate of Tower Hamlets: Where is the Kriss Donald Park? Where is the Gavin Hopley Park? Where is the Charlene Downes Park?

Andrew also said that the fact that UKIP debar from membership former members of parties which have opposed immigration from the Third World and Eastern Europe for many years (as if we are moral lepers) is proof that they are insincere in their attitude towards immigration. Were UKIP to be sincere then they would give credit to those parties (and their members) who had campaigned to stop immigration while UKIP were still, like Lib-Lab-Con, referring to the misleading concept of ‘net migration’. Instead they ‘proscribe’ and traduce us collectively, while at the same time using and exploiting a few of us, in a transparent divide and rule manoeuvre.

UKIP are two-faced and just like Lib-Lab-Con, think that they can take the English for mugs. It is up to us to disabuse them of this notion.

Andrew ended his speech by paraphrasing Churchill’s inspirational exhortation to “Fight on, alive or dead, fight on!”

Ian Johnson delivered an absorbing and witty talk on an aspect of English folklore with which he is well acquainted, having cultivated it as a very rewarding hobby for many years. Out of the strong came forth sweetness (Judges 14:14).

It was particularly gratifying to see, sitting in the front row, one of our Normandy veterans, ninety not out and still active in our country’s cause.

Numerous copies of Patria’s recruitment leaflet, ‘Social Engineering at its most pernicious’, were taken away for distribution among friends and fellow patriots.

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