Don’t rob sons, remember them

By December 14, 2013February 18th, 2021No Comments

Patria is, unlike certain of its nationalist rivals, in a very healthy financial state.

Patria is not in the red to the tune of several hundred thousand pounds. Nor does Patria have projected expenditure of another quarter of a million pounds or so, in respect of a forlorn campaign to defend a seat in the European ‘parliament’. Furthermore, Patria has a growing membership, rather than a declining one. Consequently, Patria will not find itself in debt to the tune of half a million pounds next summer.

Patria believes in family. We believe that it is right and proper for fathers to bequeath their estate to sons (and daughters). However badly those sons may have behaved, blood is thicker than water and even the Prodigal Son was forgiven by his father (Luke 15: 11-32).

Parties, unlike individuals, may have no legal personality and they change over time. Leaders come and leaders go. A supporter may mention a particular party in his will because he likes that party’s leader, but before the will is excuted many years may have elapsed and unbeknownst to him the party may now be led by the former leader’s worst enemy. Such is the irony of fate.

It often happens that the older a supporter becomes, the less aware of current affairs within their party they tend to be. This is particularly the case where the supporter does not access the internet.

Patria says: remember your children in your will; after all is said and done, however much of a disappointment they may have been to you, they are your flesh and blood. 

Above all, do not let self-promoting leeches and their barrack-room lawyers, or dodgy trusts and ‘charities’ fatten on your life savings.