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SUSSEX Police are investigating ‘racist’ remarks made by a councillor to the Mail on Sunday which landed him at the centre of a race row.

Cllr John Cherry, who is a councillor for West Sussex County Council and Chichester District Council, resigned from the Conservative Party after calls for him to be expelled.

A spokesman for Sussex Police said: “The remarks attributed to Mr Cherry in the Mail on Sunday have been subject of complaints to us by two members of the public, and we are currently assessing the remarks to see what steps should be taken next.”

See Thursday’s Observer (April 25), for full coverage of the storm.

Dr Andrew Emerson comments

12:53 PM on 24/04/2013

Evenin’ all

We have reason to believe that a certain Establishment politician may have taken leave of his senses and started talking sense for a change.

Now our political masters, the heavily non-political Police and Crime Commissioners, wish us to come down on this sort of thing (you know: it used to be called free speech many years ago) like a ton of bricks.

Bearing which in mind we have tasked a team of specialist officers, who have received advanced training in Race Awareness Political Enforcement, to give this matter the kind of in-depth investigation which we used to reserve for serious crime, pre-Macpherson you understand, when we were all ‘institutionally racist’.

So, Sir, I’m afraid I shall have to ask you to accompany me to the station for a lengthy interrogation, which shouldn’t take more than a week or so of your time. The nearest one that’s still open is a hundred miles away. Will that be all right, Sir?

Oh, good. You can always tell a gentleman. They always see reason and come quietly.

Chichester Observer