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Dear Marriage supporter

C4M remains a voice for those who continue to believe that marriage is between one man and one woman for life.

Among the nearly 700,000 of you across the nation who still promote and defend traditional marriage, it is encouraging that we have supporters from each of the major political parties.

Cameron wrong on marriage say Tory councillors

The majority of Conservative councillors believe David Cameron was wrong to pursue legalising same-sex marriage, a new poll has revealed.

Responding to the BBC/ComRes survey, 60 percent of councillors said they disagreed with the Prime Minister’s push for homosexual marriage and nearly two-thirds of councillors disagreed with the statement that legalising homosexual marriage made the Conservative party more electable.

The survey was commissioned for BBC Sunday Politics and over 1,000 Conservative councillors were polled. The results are broadly unchanged from those of a similar survey conducted last year.

Another survey carried out last year by C4M correctly predicted that the Conservatives would lose hundreds of council seats as a result of redefining marriage.

Delegates flock to hear call for traditional marriage conscience clause

Traditional marriage supporters have previously held meetings at the Conservative and SNP conferences. Last week supporters packed into a UKIP fringe event to hear C4M’s call for reasonable accommodation of conscience to be made for those who believe in traditional marriage.

Hazelmary Bull, a Cornish B&B owner sued over her stand on marriage, told people how she and her husband had suffered as a result of the case. She was joined at the event by UKIP MEP Jonathan Arnott who spoke out against an erosion of free speech and conscience.

Speaking in a personal capacity, Mr Arnott said that he wanted to live in a society where debate is not stifled. He quoted Supreme Court judge Baroness Hale, who has publicly called for a conscience clause for service providers or employees who believe in traditional marriage.

C4M will be asking all political parties to make a manifesto pledge to amend equality law to bring in a reasonable accommodation clause for employees or for family-run businesses whose owners believe in traditional marriage.

Jim Dobbin MP, Labour C4M supporter, has died

Jim Dobbin MP, a courageous leading advocate for traditional marriage, died unexpectedly last month aged 73. Jim is survived by Pat, his wife of some 50 years, two sons and two daughters.

In his time as an MP he spoke out bravely and passionately in support of marriage between one man and one woman. He was one of the first MPs to sign the C4M petition and joined me in the Downing Street delegation to hand it in.

Nicky Morgan attacked by Labour frontbenchers for supporting traditional marriage

Labour frontbenchers have publicly attacked Education Secretary Nicky Morgan for voting against gay marriage.

Tristram Hunt, the Shadow Education Secretary, and Shadow Minister for Women and Equalities Gloria de Piero criticised her Cabinet appointment on the grounds of her opposition to redefining marriage.

At C4M we have been working hard to stand up for the legal rights and freedoms of people who believe in true marriage. Supporters of man-woman marriage – whether B&B owners or Cabinet Ministers – should be just as entitled to participate in British society as anyone else.

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Thank you for your continued support.

Yours Sincerely

Colin Hart
Campaign Director
Coalition for Marriage

PS Look out on Saturday for an update on our campaign against Government education regulations.