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Dear Marriage supporter

Backbench MPs want to introduce a new subject in all state-funded schools called ‘Relationships Education’, which could be used to compel schools to endorse same-sex ‘marriage’. Please contact your MP about this today, if you have not yet done so.

Relationships Education would be a new form of sex education taught even in primary schools. No parental right of withdrawal has been provided.

The wide-ranging proposals for England are set out in New Clause 5 (NC5), an amendment tabled by MPs David Burrowes and Maria Miller to the Children and Social Work Bill. It would be the only national curriculum subject imposed on academies.

NC5 requires that pupils “learn the importance of respect, tolerance and commitment in all types of healthy relationships” [emphasis added].

Lobby groups will obviously use this to promote same-sex ‘marriage’ in schools. It will be used by those who, like Dame Louise Casey, tried to say that church schools supportive of traditional marriage are extreme or ‘homophobic’.

The amendment’s over-broad language will be used to manipulate endorsement of all types of relationship (which isn’t right), rather than teaching respect for individual people (which is right). Under the amendment any configuration of adults is equally valid or “healthy”, so long as there isn’t coercion in the relationship. Forcing teachers to confront five-year-olds with a bewildering array of alternative lifestyles will simply sow confusion and undermine marriage.

Please contact your MP today. Ask them to call on the Education Secretary, Justine Greening, to reject New Clause 5.

While we accept the good intentions behind the amendment, NC5 is so poorly drafted that it poses a direct challenge to any state school or teacher seeking to uphold the traditional married family.

NC5 undoubtedly gives broad scope to Ofsted inspectors to impose political ‘correctness’ on schools. And it completely sidelines parents in deciding what to teach their own children about relationships. Under the existing law, sex education is in the control of school governors. This is completely bypassed by the amendment, with a relationships curriculum imposed on schools by Whitehall. Read the text of New Clause 5.

Take action today to protect children by opposing the amendment.

Please ask your MP to contact the Education Secretary, calling on her to reject New Clause 5 (which has been tabled to the Children and Social Work Bill).

Using your own words, you may wish to make one or two of the following points:

Say that the Government should stop New Clause 5 from becoming law. The amendment will be used to coerce pupils into endorsing same-sex ‘marriage’ and other alternative relationships.

Say that the amendment confuses respecting people, which is right, and respect for “all types” of relationship, which isn’t right.

Say that pupils should be free to disagree with polygamy or same-sex ‘marriage’.

Say that primary school children will be confused if they are taught about “all types” of relationships from the age of 5.

Say that New Clause 5 does not even contain a parental right of withdrawal.

Say that church schools should be free to teach about their beliefs on traditional marriage.

Yours sincerely

Colin Hart
Campaign Director
Coalition for Marriage