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Dear Marriage supporter

Shocking reports have emerged that girls at Orthodox Jewish schools have been interrogated by Ofsted inspectors on intensely personal matters such as whether or not they had a boyfriend or knew that two men could marry – questions that left pupils and staff alike feeling ‘bullied’ and ‘traumatised’.

The inspectors were implementing the Government’s school ‘standards’, which we have contacted you about in recent weeks. These new education standards require all schools in England to ‘actively promote’ rights under the Equality Act. In the name of ‘British values’ the Department for Education is politicising the curriculum and promoting same-sex marriage. This flies in the face of previous guidance and reassurances.

A spokesman for the Jewish schools said: “The pupils and staff were left feeling traumatised and ashamed”. Aside from the shocking intrusiveness of the questions, the sudden interest in marriage from Ofsted is out of character. They only seem to have become interested in promoting marriage in schools since same-sex marriage was legalised. If they can behave with such little respect in schools which obviously require sensitivity, how will they behave in an ordinary school?

When C4M became aware of the new standards we predicted that schools would be put under immense pressure to promote same-sex marriage and asked you to contact your MP about this.

Thank you to the many of you who responded. You may have received a reply from your MP to the effect that the standards “do not compel schools to promote same-sex marriage”. But as the situation with the Jewish schools demonstrates, within weeks schools are already being targeted for their support for traditional marriage.

Schools are being required to focus on political correctness rather than educating children. Ofsted have also threatened to downgrade a highly successful Roman Catholic school in Suffolk for failing to tackle radicalism – despite no problems with extremism in the school or local community.

If you have any examples of similar school inspection problems since September this year, please email us:

Coalition for Marriage supporters have warned all along that schools would be forced to promote the new definition of marriage. The Department for Education’s new rules are being used to enforce this.

Please take action by contacting your MP today.

Some tips for writing are included below.

Contact your MP now.

Yours sincerely

Colin Hart
Campaign Director
Coalition for Marriage

Tips for writing

Please write using your own words, including one or two of the following points:

Ask your MP to urgently investigate Ofsted’s attempts to undermine the beliefs of Jewish schoolchildren about marriage.

Say that the new school standards are undermining freedom of speech and are being used to force schools to actively promote same-sex marriage. The new standards must be withdrawn.

Say that the new measures are not promoting respect for people who believe in traditional marriage.

Say that inspectors should not have been given the power to adjudicate over the beliefs of teachers or school governors.