Dither much?

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Theresa May pledges an ‘absolute limit’ on social care costs in desperate U-turn as pensioner fury threatens to hand Corbyn election lifeline

Tories under pressure after announcing plans to overhaul social care system

Manifesto made clear pensioners needed to pay more to help working people

Move was branded a ‘dementia tax’ amid warnings thousands face higher bills

PM announced today that there will be a cap on costs in bid to end backlash

By James Tapsfield, Political Editor For Mailonline

22 May 2017

Theresa May unveiled a cap on social care costs today as she took drastic action to end the mounting backlash over the Tory manifesto.

The Prime Minister executed the embarrassing U-turn after the policy of charging more pensioners for care triggered an outcry over a ‘dementia tax’.

The original overhaul appeared to have given Labour a major boost as they warned of a Conservative assault on pensioners. But the volte face threatened to throw the Tories into meltdown despite Mrs May’s protestations that ‘nothing has changed’ in her plans.

Just four days ago, on the morning of the Tory manifesto launch, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt confirmed that the idea of a cap had been ditched because it was ‘unfair’ and disproportionately benefited the wealthy.

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