Developers closing for the kill

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Appeal to build 16 homes in Westbourne

7 April 2015

A DEVELOPER has appealed the council’s decision to reject its bid for 16 new homes in Westbourne.

Southcott Homes Ltd’s initial application to build the homes, along with access and parking, on land on the north side of Long Copse Lane, was turned down by Chichester District Council.

But the developer has now lodged an appeal to government planners.

The reference for the application is WE/14/00911/FUL.

Dr Andrew Emerson comments

7:56 PM on 07/04/2015

Good timing, just before the general and district council elections.

Residents of Westbourne should remember which parties changed the law in order to make it easier for developers to get their way in such disputes.

Lib-Lab-Con are all in favour of covering our countryside with little boxes, to accommodate our immigration driven population growth. They do the dirty work in parliament.

But, bizzarely, the Greens also want to build more than half a million new homes. And UKIP have run up the white flag by conceding a spurious ‘need’ for tens of thousands of immigrants each year. If they signal such willingness to sell out even before a general election, one has to ask: why waste a vote on pro-immigration UKIP?

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