Defend our borders, protect our countryside!

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Dr Andrew Emerson says…

2:29 PM on 03/09/2015

This is what you get when you vote for the old gang of Lib-Lab-Con, or the media darlings of UKIP and the Greens.

Patria is the only party correctly to diagnose the cause of the excessive demand for new housing as immigration from the Third World and Eastern Europe.

Enoch was right and so is Patria.

Only Patria stands against the political and media Establishment’s jihad against us English and our demonization as ‘racists’ and ‘nimbys’ for wanting to defend our country from criminal invaders posing as ‘refugees’.

These ‘economic migrants’ who want to better their condition at our expense are not genuine asylum seekers at all. According to the 1951 UN Convention on Refugees, genuine asylum seekers are obliged to apply for asylum in the first safe country they reach. Morocco is safe, Libya is safe, Turkey is safe and so are any number of other countries these invaders have crossed in their journey to the welfare states of the EU, to the building of which they have contributed nothing.

We need to begin to look after our own, using the army to defend our borders and repel the unwanted hordes and assist the police in rounding up and deporting the millions here illegally to their lands of ethnic origin.


Join us in the fight for freedom!

Chichester Observer