Defend one faith – ours

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Prince Charles’ reported opinion that the Church of England has a responsibility, not simply to propagate its own Christian faith, but also to nurture the competing faiths of others could not be more wrong.

It would be wrong even were all those other faiths entirely innocuous, rather than militant and proselytizing, as is that of Islam, for example.

It is not the role of the church to extend religious toleration to faiths other than the Anglican, but the role of the state and then only in so far as such toleration is deemed to be expedient. The role of the established church is primarily to tend to the spiritual needs of our people.

Although Britain is a Christian country we allow religious freedom to Muslims. Yet many Muslim countries, notably Saudi Arabia, do not reciprocate by allowing Christians religious freedom, but on the contrary persecute them. Not only are Christian churches banned in Saudi Arabia, but the mere possession of a Bible is treated as a criminal offence.

In other Muslim countries, such as Pakistan and Egypt, Christian congregations are attacked by fanatical mobs or massacred by death squads while the authorities look the other way, or collaborate with the persecution. Yet Britain gives more in foreign aid to Pakistan than to any other country, £446 million in 2014-15. A Christian is not obliged to allow himself to be cheated.

Could this failure by Muslims to treat others as they would have others treat them be a consequence of their adherence to Islam, rather than Christianity?

Charles is right to raise the barbarous treatment of Christians in the Middle East with the rulers he meets there. But should he not also speak out about the sexual jihad waged against thousands of vulnerable Christian children in England, by Muslim rape gangs over decades? This jihad, which was encouraged by politicians, social workers and the police, is a result of the insane policy of appeasing Islam.

Charles is patron of the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies at the University of Oxford. This is hardly a suitable role for the heir to the throne and future supreme governor of the Church of England.

If Charles reminds us of the sayings of Christ, will he shortly be giving away his considerable and unearned personal fortune, on the basis that it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven? Or is this one saying of Our Lord that he feels should not be interpreted too literally?

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