Daddy needs new teeth?

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Patria says:-

Contra the misleading propaganda of the Establishment media: Abdullah Kurdi was not ‘fleeing Syria’ with his family; he had lived in a safe part of Turkey for three years, working as a barber and on building sites; he and his family were in no danger and faced no persecution.

Not being able to have dental implants paid for by the country that gave his family refuge does not count as persecution, despite the disingenuous claims of Anglophobic traitors such as Cameron, Yvette Cooper and immigrant journalists, who have an ulterior motive in wanting to hand our country over to hordes of criminal invaders.

And lest there be any doubt, amid all the phony humanitarian concern: those who pay people traffickers thousands of pounds to help them enter a country illegally are not victims, but as much criminals as those who exploit them. The criminal invaders, for that is what they are, exploit us.

Even Kobane, the town in Syria from which Kurdi had supposedly ‘fled’, was safe. As the fact he recently returned there to bury his family proves.

Just out of interest: how many refugees have Israel, Saudi Arabia and Qatar agreed to take respectively? I hear it’s the same number in each case. That’s right, zero.

How would Britain have fared in the past if, when threatened by civil war or invasion, our people had cravenly fled en masse, instead of opposing the danger and ending it, thereby securing their safety themselves?

No more dental migrants!

No more lies from the traitors of the political and media Establishment.

And no British involvement in the bombing of Syria, which only displaces Syrians, without defeating ISIS. The example of Iraq ought sufficiently to demonstrate the futility of such a campaign, if its aim is to impose democracy on unwilling people, rather than serve the foreign policy agenda of Israel by keeping its enemies fighting amongst themselves.

Please take a couple of minutes to sign the petition to stop immigration, at and share the link.