Cut the net of “migration”

By November 26, 2021No Comments

The trouble with the mealy-mouthed lamestream media is that they speak and write as if it’s only the fact that entering the UK illegally can be highly dangerous and even fatal that is the problem.

It’s not.

No one forced these people to risk their lives by putting themselves into the hands of people smugglers. If they were genuinely fleeing persecution then they should have sought asylum in the first safe country they entered.

Instead they traverse an entire continent before arriving on the Channel coast. They are not innocent victims but “economic migrants” and as guilty as the people smugglers.

Furthermore, the fact that this situation has been permitted to continue is proof that Lib-Lab-Con have no real desire to fix the problem.

The system was designed to be ineffectual in order to facilitate the population replacement that is its ultimate aim. Otherwise why the talk of “net migration”, as if the nationality of those resident in our country is of no account?

English Lives Matter