Cut the duty on tobacco

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“Be fair to smokers, George!”

BUDGET 2016 – Forest has launched a six-day ad blitz on the political online advertising network MessageSpace urging George Osborne to rethink the government’s tobacco taxation policy.

The ‘Be Fair To Smokers’ ads are part of Forest’s Axe The Escalator campaign that calls on the Chancellor to stop increasing tobacco duty above inflation.

Starting today, a series of ads will run for six days over two weeks, enjoying total exposure on websites and blogs including ConservativeHome, Guido Fawkes, Labour Uncut, LabourList, Liberal Democrat Voice, Political Betting, Standpoint Magazine and UK Polling Report.

The ads link to a microsite that enables you to write direct to your MP.

The Axe The Escalator campaign has been launched by Forest in response to the punitive level of tobacco duty.

During the last parliament tobacco taxation increased by more than 40 per cent. The combined tax on the cheapest cigarettes on sale in the UK is a staggering 88 per cent.

Forest director Simon Clark said, “Excessive taxation is unfair on Britain’s eight million adult smokers. It discriminates against law-abiding consumers, especially those who are elderly or from lower socio-economic backgrounds.”

“It’s also unfair on legitimate retailers who are competing for business with criminal gangs and other less scrupulous shopkeepers.

“Even the government loses out. In 2014/15 an estimated £2.6 billion in revenue was lost as a result of illicit trade and cross-border shopping.

“It makes no sense to increase tobacco taxation any further. We urge the Chancellor to do the right thing and axe the tobacco escalator.”

Note: the Axe The Escalator campaign is a long-term initiative but we need your help NOW. If you can drag yourself away from the EU referendum debate please send a letter to your MP TODAY.

Thank you!

For more information visit the Forest website.