Cut foreign aid and immigration – not our security

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‘We’re too broke to go on the beat’: Police chiefs warn ministers that cuts mean they can’t do their job as they threaten to stop street patrols and say they won’t be able to protect public from rioters or terrorists

Police chiefs have warned ministers cuts could pose risk to security

The country’s top police chiefs held a secret summit to discuss cuts

They warn fewer officers will be available to tackle national crises like riots


27 September 2015

Police chiefs have given a stark warning to Ministers that the next wave of massive spending cuts poses a ‘considerable risk to national security’, it can be revealed.

In a confidential top-level report written by senior officers and seen by The Mail on Sunday, a chilling picture emerges of a depleted emergency service, with forces unable to cope with riots, crime rates surging and local patrols a thing of the past.

The country’s top police chiefs held a secret summit this month to discuss the impact when billions more pounds are slashed from their budgets under Government austerity measures, forcing them to lose thousands more frontline officers.

Their report has been delivered to Home Secretary Theresa May and top civil servants as Chancellor George Osborne prepares to tell Whitehall the size of the savings it must make over the next four years.

The police chiefs warn that cutting central grants to forces by more than a quarter by 2020 will mean:

The traditional bobby on the beat and patrol car ‘disappear completely’ in some areas, leaving officers just responding to emergencies.

Without ‘eyes and ears’ in communities, police are left unable to gather intelligence on criminals and terrorists – with ‘big implications for national security’.

Crime levels ‘rise more significantly’ as local prevention work is axed.

Far fewer officers can be mobilised to tackle national crises, such as riots.

There will be a ‘fundamental change’ in policing, with officers unable to act as ‘society’s safety net’ by attending accidents, looking for missing people and preventing suicides.

Some forces go bust as they struggle to get rid of enough officers, without the ability to sack them.

Sara Thornton, head of the National Police Chiefs’ Council, told the Home Office: ‘Chief constables are extremely concerned about the impact of the forthcoming spending review. They are extremely concerned that the scale of cuts, coupled with changes to the way grant is distributed, will fundamentally change policing in this country.

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Patria says:-

Cameron and co waste millions of pounds on useless police and crime commissioners, who do little but promote their own careers and try to interfere operationally with the work of the police in order to make a name for themselves.

Millions more are wasted on ‘diversity’ and ‘equality’ training and the promotion of a camp identity and lifestyle.

And billions are wasted by government on foreign aid and the importation of criminal invaders and terrorist activists, whom the alien controlled media miscall ‘refugees’.

But when it comes to protecting the lives and property of the law abiding English, in our homes and on the streets of our towns and cities, it seems we’re on our own.

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