“Coronavirus” – for when “flu pandemic” is just not scary enough

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Coronavirus: How Many Million Will the Global Lockdown Kill?

by Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

Around the world millions of people are going to die because of absurd lockdown policies. Serious illness has been ignored. Patients with cancer, heart disease and other threatening diseases have been pushed aside as hospitals have closed their doors to the patients who really needed help. The coming global recession will result in massive, long-term unemployment and mass starvation.

All those responsible for this stupidity should be fired and banished from positions of responsibility.

Despite the fact that more and more doctors around the world now agree with me that the coronavirus scare was viciously oversold and that the lockdowns, mass hysteria and panic have done far more damage than the damned disease, there is no sign of governments abandoning the lunacy.

Experts also now agree (belatedly) with my suggestion (made weeks ago) that governments should have tested everyone and shut in the people who were infected so that the disease couldn’t spread. Simple but very effective.

Huge publicity was recently given to the tragic fact that around the world 250,000 people are alleged to have died with the coronavirus.

But many (possibly most) of those patients did not die because of the coronavirus, they died with it. The two things are very different.

Why are the UK figures the worst in the world?

Well, massive immigration means that England is the most overcrowded nation in Europe but that isn’t the only cause.

I believe the enthusiasm for blaming the coronavirus for just about all deaths was originally inspired by the need to justify the wicked Emergency Bill which gave the police unprecedented powers.

But everyone got too enthusiastic and the trick backfired – leaving the UK with the world’s worst figures and causing the Government massive embarrassment. I doubt if half of the 30,000 alleged to have died of the coronavirus were actually killed by it.

I believe the UK has had the worst people imaginable dealing with the coronavirus.

The important thing that no one ever mentions is that even if 250,000 people had died globally (and they clearly have not) then the coronavirus would still not be as deadly as the flu – which can kill 650,000 in a single season.

No one gets hysterical about the flu, do they?

Around 600,000 people a year die in the UK and I expect the number of deaths from flu and pneumonia will fall as the number linked to the coronavirus has risen. (I’d bet that the mortality figures for flu are going to be very low this year. The drug companies will claim the credit for that. You can guess why.) Later in the year (and next year) the number of deaths from cancer and other abandoned diseases will rocket – as, I fear, will the number of suicides and murders.

Governments and media everywhere (and particularly in the UK) have deliberately built up the terror.