Cordelia May and Grief Thief Corbyn

By June 18, 2017February 18th, 2021No Comments

The regrettable death and injury suffered by many residents of Grenfell Tower last week has drawn attention to unacceptable and perhaps criminal practices on the part of Lib-Lab-Con controlled local authorities, which own or manage such residential tower blocks.

A public inquiry into the causes of the disaster has been announced by the government. Doubtless, as is the way of such processes, it will take minutes and waste years.

Mrs May has been criticized in certain quarters for showing insufficient emotion, rather as the Queen was slated for not putting her feelings on public display at news of the death in a car crash of the former princess of Wales. What many newcomers and temporary guests in my country fail to appreciate, it seems, is that blubbing in public is not the English way, whatever may be the ‘culture’ of their lands of ethnic origin.

Meanwhile, Comrade Corbyn has been milking dissatisfaction at the authorities’ initially sluggish response to the disaster by suggesting vacant properties in Kensington and Chelsea be used to house those made homeless by the fire.

Patria suggests Comrade Corbyn put his money where his mouth is by making his own home in Islington available to a survivor of the fire and that every other London Labour MP, Assembly member and councillor do the same, starting with those who own multiple homes in the capital.

After all, it is these ‘diversity’ extremists who are largely responsible for London’s overcrowding and housing shortage, through the support they have given over many years to the execrable policy of mass immigration from the Third World, resulting in the colonization of our major cities by ethnic aliens.