1. The name of our party is Patria.

2. We are a party of nationalist patriots. We believe in a strong and independent Britain, whose destiny and government are determined by its indigenous peoples, being principally though not exclusively, the ethnic English, Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish.

3. We are a democratic party that governs itself according to the principles of natural justice and free speech, which we honour and by so doing, demonstrate our competence for receiving the public trust and for serving faithfully the same. We believe in and shall strive to achieve, a healthy, happy and prosperous national community, at peace with itself.

4. We are a party of the family and believe that the family and marriage, both as traditionally understood, are the bed-rock of society and a force for good. We aim to preserve, defend, strengthen and promote the traditional Christian conceptions of marriage, parenthood, and the family.

5. The party’s manifesto shall be drawn up by its National Executive Committee (NEC) and shall be based upon policies which have been approved by the party’s Annual General Meeting (AGM).

6. Every paid-up member of the party with at least twelve months’ continuous membership has the right to attend the AGM, in principle. Places shall be allocated on a first come, first served basis, to those eligible members who apply.

7. The NEC shall be elected at the AGM and its members will serve a term of office of two years.

8. No postal, proxy or postal proxy ballots shall be permitted whatsoever.

9. The NEC shall meet as and when a majority of its members deem necessary, but at least once per calendar year.

10. The NEC is the party’s leadership team and is composed of equals. Every member of the NEC has a single vote, though in the case of a tied vote the Chairman has, in addition, a casting vote.

11. Every paid-up member of the party with at least twelve months’ continuous membership has the right to stand for election to the NEC, provided that they are in attendance at the AGM and have both a proposer and a seconder, who are also both in attendance.

12. The quorum of the NEC shall be three members.

13. The NEC shall comprise the following officers and any others who may be elected to it at the AGM, or subsequently co-opted.

14. Leader; Treasurer; Nominating Officer; Chairman; Deputy Chairman; Press Officer.

15. Between AGMs the NEC may co-opt members who have a continuous membership of at least twelve months but may not dismiss any member, whether co-opted or not, once elected or co-opted.

16. Co-opted members serve a term of office which cannot extend beyond the next AGM subsequent to their co-option, though, like other members with at least twelve months’ continuous membership, they have the right to stand for election to any vacant office at that AGM.

17. No more than six individuals may be members of the NEC at any one time, though it may invite (non-voting) experts and observers to attend its meetings at its discretion.

18. In case of an office on the NEC falling vacant through the death, incapacity, indisposition, or resignation of the incumbent, the other members of the NEC may either elect one of their number (subject to the provision of Clause 19), or alternatively co-opt a member of the party who has at least twelve months’ continuous membership, to fill the vacancy. In either case the term of office of the person elected, or co-opted, cannot extend beyond the next AGM subsequent to their election or co-option, though they have the right to stand for election to any vacant office at that AGM.

19. Members of the NEC may hold more than one, but not more than two, of the positions of Leader, Treasurer, Nominating Officer, Chairman, Deputy Chairman and Press Officer.

20. The party’s constitution may only be altered by at least a two-thirds’ majority of those members in attendance voting in favour of doing so, at either an AGM or other general meeting convoked for the purpose by the NEC.

21. Both the party’s constitution and its annual accounts shall be published in full on its main web site.

22. A local branch of the party may be established by a minimum of three members. Local branches have the right to issue their own membership cards in the name of the party and to open and operate their own bank account. The Treasurer of the local branch must maintain proper financial records and submit a written report to the National Treasurer as and when required. The Local Treasurer must also present annual accounts to his branch AGM and lodge a copy with the National Treasurer.

23. Local branches must remit all monies received in respect of membership subscriptions to the National Treasurer. They must also remit a minimum of twenty-five per cent of all other income received.

Code of Conduct

24. Every member should appreciate that they are at all times an ambassador for the party and endeavour to maintain the highest standards of ethical behaviour in their interaction with others.

25. It is particularly important that every officer, elected representative and candidate of the party do their best to set a good example to other members by their own conduct.

26. We hold the right of free speech to be sacrosanct and every member has the right publicly, as well as privately, to express criticism of the leadership.

27. Bringing the party into disrepute is a disciplinary offence. Conduct which brings the party into disrepute is likely to include the commission of a heinous criminal offence or other behaviour which outrages the public morality.

28. Members may organize within the party with a view to changing its leadership, constitution or policies, but shall not form a party within the party. No group having its own distinctive programme, policies and propaganda may operate within the party.

29. No member shall, as an independent, contest an election to public office in which the party has an official candidate.

30. Dual membership of Patria and another political party is permissible.