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The Brexit Facts4EU.Org team has always seen the importance of getting the message out to ordinary members of the public, who simply don’t have time to follow what they regard as ‘politics’. We’re talking about people who will only look at things when there appears to be some kind of important event or decision.

Whenever one of our lines is used by a politician, or when one of our stories is picked up by a newspaper, or by another Brexit organization, we’re delighted.

However, one of the unfortunate consequences of the lack of leadership and decision-making by the Prime Minister is that two years have been wasted. People are repelled by the ins and outs of Brexit politics. In practice this means that many people out there are simply unaware of what Theresa May will be ‘delivering’ on 29th March next year.



End to uncontrolled mass immigration? – No

End to massive annual payments to the EU? – No

End to jurisdiction of foreign courts over our lives? – No

Ability to trade independently with the rest of the world? – No

Control access to our territorial waters for fishing? – No

So, “taking back control of our laws, our borders, and our money”? No

People must now be told in simple terms what we’re facing. It’s even worse than the status quo. From 29th March 2019, though we won’t really have left, other than in name, the UK will no longer have a say in EU decisions and will have no vote in EU bodies.

This isn’t Brexit. It’s simply unbelievable. It’s a once great country making itself a colony, a puppet state of the EU, with all important decisions being made by foreign politicians and unelected bureaucrats in Brussels.

This country could exit the EU in March next year if it wants to. All it takes is the will.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, 07.25am, 22 June 2018

Patria says:-

After 29 March 2019, ‘Brexit’ Day, the EU’s Councils and Commission, not to mention the Court of Injustice, will be able to make life more difficult for the British people through all sorts of spiteful measures. As they do this, the political and media Establishment will blame everything on ‘Brexit’, in the hope of turning our people against the idea of real independence for Britain.

The irony is that Brexit will not even have been tried. We will still be in the limbo of Theresa May’s so-called transition period, on the road to nowhere, unable to avail ourselves of the great trading opportunities presented by a growing global economy while still chained to an ossified EU.