Close the temples of hate!

By July 7, 2015February 18th, 2021No Comments

Andrew Emerson • 11 hours ago

Any mosque whose imam preaches hate, or that hosts other speakers who preach hate, must be closed – permanently. The French deport such unwelcome aliens and so should we.

No more mosques should be built or commissioned. There are already far too many. How many churches are there in Saudi Arabia, where even the possession of a Bible is a criminal offence? None. Then why should we not strictly limit the number of mosques in England?

A Muslim does not need a mosque in order to worship, just as a Christian in Saudi Arabia, where churches, Bibles and prayer meetings are banned, is still able to pray in private, silently, alone and observed only by God.

The burka and other similar garb must be banned in public on grounds of security, as indeed it is in many Muslim countries.

Halal and Kosher slaughter must be banned on grounds of animal welfare.

All illegal immigrants, foreign criminals, bogus asylum seekers, overstayers and hate preaching imams must be deported.

Our border controls must be strengthened to make them fit for purpose. Instead of making tens of thousands of our armed forces’ servicemen redundant, government should put them to work guarding our borders.

The European Convention on Human Rights must be renounced, the Human Rights Act, 1998, repealed and Britain must leave the EU. Then we can take the foregoing measures without ECHR or EU interference.

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