Close the asylum and deport the phony ‘children’

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‘Child’ asylum seeker caught out by his teeth: Afghan who claimed to be just 12 is revealed to be in his TWENTIES after assaulting his British foster father

Dental assessment reveals Afghan teen is likely to be aged 18-21

UK care worker also claims that she was assaulted by immigrant ‘teenager’

MP David Davies said asylum seeker was caught looking at child porn

Claims come weeks after immigrant ‘child’ charged with murdering woman


20 February 2016

An Afghan who claimed to be just 12 is revealed to be in his twenties after assaulting his British foster father.

The Afghan teen, who had arrived in Britain illegally via Calais, was actually registered as a child but after a dental examination found that he had rotting wisdom teeth, a dentist suggested he was more likely to be an adult.

The revelation came after another British carer also reported that she was sexually assaulted by an alleged teen she was looking after.

MPs have now called for new rules regarding age assessment for immigrants despite a petition backed by celebrities such as actor Benedict Cumberbatch and Virgin tycoon Richard Branson saying that refugee children should be reunited with their relatives [they should be – in their own countries].

If they enter Britain as children, asylum seekers are immediately put into the care of social services which often leaves youngsters separated from their parents for long periods of time.

Conservative MP for Monmouth David Davies spoke to MailOnline about an attack on one of his female constituents who was looking after the ’12-year-old’ immigrant.

The Afghan was taken in by the Welsh foster family but refused to live by their rules and would skip school and disappear for long periods.

He told social services that he wished to move to Bristol but when told he would have to live with a foster family, he became angry and attacked his foster father.

It was after the fracas that the man’s phone was confiscated and indecent images of children and visits to Jihadist websites were found.

Mr Davies said: ‘They did a dental check on him and discovered that his wisdom teeth were rotting.

‘The dentist said he had to be in at least his 20s but the Home Office strike people down to 16 if they don’t know what their age is for certain, so he was listed as 16.’

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