City of the dreaming police and social workers

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The Dogar brothers were well-known faces in the east Oxford community.

Thirty-two-year-old Akhtar, or “Spider” as he was known, “ruled the Cowley Road”, according to one of his victims. He would hang around there drinking and chatting to girls when not working as a hospital porter [I wonder if he knew Jimmy Savile].

His younger brother Anjum, or “Jami”, 31, was unemployed.

The Dogar brothers were ringleaders of the grooming gang and the other men were scared of them, according to the victims.

They were instrumental in planning the girls’ prostitution and abuse together with Kamar Jamil.

The Dogars abused victims one, two and three over four years.

Patria says:-

The African and Asian Muslim immigrants who raped, trafficked and enslaved hundreds of English children in Oxfordshire, for more than a decade, used to pick up their victims outside the Oxford offices of the county’s social services department.

Yet the report of the serious case review, conducted on behalf of the Oxfordshire Safeguarding Children Board (OSCB), of these events invites us to believe that the police, social services, health and education authorities, were largely unaware of what was happening on their watch and did not wilfully neglect their duty of care.

This Establishment-approved damage limitation exercise simply lacks credibility. It adds insult to the injuries already suffered by the victims of this betrayal by the state of its most vulnerable citizens.

Perhaps Cage, or another of the many Muslim recipients of public funds, will tell us what ‘beautiful’ young men the rapists were; and perhaps their employers and neighbours will provide the rapists with glowing character references, dwelling on their hard-working and gentle nature, how ‘good with people’ they were and their respect for our laws.

And who knows, a few years from now, following early release from prison, they may be given their own talk show on the BBC, or perhaps a starring role in a soap, reality TV, or talent show? ‘Britain’s Got Jihadists’?

At the very least, a job with a state funded Muslim ‘advocacy’ organization is surely likely to come their way. From there, election as a Lib-Lab-Con councillor, or MP, would not be out of the question. And they might end their ‘career’ with a seat in the House of Lords – should it still exist.

Yes, it’s certainly a good life for a Muslim immigrant in ‘dar al-harb’ Britain.

But not so good for English child-victims: terrorized, raped and tortured by fiendish alien imposters who have no right to be in our land; neglected and blamed by the very public servants whose duty it was to protect them; their nationality denied by being referred to as ‘white British’; and their race misrepresented by the image of an Asian child in Establishment media articles about child sexual exploitation (CSE) by adult gangs.

The authorities, officialdom, the political and media Establishment, all try to pretend that the English do not exist, that we no longer possess, if we ever did, a distinct and distinctive ethnic identity. This message that ‘you are nothing, worthless, you don’t count’ was internalized by already disadvantaged English children and increased their vulnerability to criminals of an alien race and culture.

Had these children been what Establishment politicians and media pundits stupidly term ‘racist’, they would have been less vulnerable to sexual abuse by African and Asian rapists. But perhaps they had internalized the Anglophobic, pro-Muslim propaganda of their schools and the Establishment media.

And internalized it to their great detriment.

A conscious pride in one’s nationality and race is a vital component of the individual’s sense of identity and self-esteem. The attempt to deny it expression is unhealthy and can adversely affect the development of the personality.

The individuals in charge of the police and social services during the period concerned must not be rewarded for failure and dereliction of duty. They must neither be appointed to another senior role within their profession, nor receive a golden handshake, as seems to be in danger of happening.

The evildoing immigrants as well as their panders and patrons in high places, must continue to be investigated and brought to justice, publicly shamed and punished for their depraved crimes.

Though no amount of money can really adequately compensate them for the appalling maltreatment they suffered, the survivors of this state sponsored betrayal of our people, wherever it has occurred, must be awarded generous financial compensation.

The police must treat child sexual exploitation (CSE) of English children by Muslim gangs as a racially aggravated hate crime and prioritize its prevention and investigation.

Police officers, social workers, teachers, health professionals, councillors, MPs and crown prosecutors must demonstrate zero tolerance for the sexual jihad waged by Muslim rape gangs against English children. They must cease pussyfooting around rapists and paedophiles for fear of offending Muslims. And they must learn to overcome their fear of being called a nasty name.

The national honour demands nothing less.

Patria is the one and only party with both the courage and the intelligence to put our people first.

To save the country for your grandchildren: Vote Patria on 7 May!