City of Flowery Speeches

By September 23, 2017February 18th, 2021No Comments


We have not altered our instant reaction to this Florence speech, which we tweeted out yesterday:

“In what way, PM, will we know on 30 March 2019 that we have left the EU?”

Britain’s Prime Minister, while pretending to honour the settled and democratic decision of the British people, offered a dismal vision of a Remain future, with no end date set.


Sovereignty of UK Parliament in law-making? No.

Freedom of Movement [Read immigration]? Continues.

Payment of huge annual sums? Continues.

Supremacy of European Court? Continues.

Control of territorial waters? No.

Removal of armed forces from EU common defence structures? No.

The Prime Minister even said that after the supposed exit date of 29 March 2019 the UK will still be under “the existing structure of EU rules and regulations”.

We cannot see any other way of describing this speech than as a sell-out: a surrender to all the nonsense from which we voted to escape. Even the wording of the speech was tilted to appeal to the EU apparatchiks, who use a lot of flowery language without ever troubling the listener with actual content.