Charities should be renamed Anglophobias

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The charities using YOUR money to sabotage all efforts to rein back migration: How a cabal of tax-payer funded groups is waging a vicious war on ministers trying to solve the Calais crisis

Charities are increasingly mounting attacks on Government policies

Some have even threatened to take the Government to court

But the charities receive millions in taxpayer funding every year

A Mail investigation has now discovered how the Left use these organisations to undermine the elected Government and its policies


22 August 2015

A time-honoured ritual is being played out amid the chaos gripping Calais this summer holiday season. It goes something like this.

First, a senior Tory politician, from David Cameron downwards, will outline a new measure to stop illegal immigration — such as building a tall fence — and deal with the unfolding crisis.

Next, they will tour TV and radio studios, hoping to convince voters that something is indeed ‘being done’ about the endless queue of men, women and children hoping to use the French port to sneak into Britain.

Finally, in order to achieve what is regarded as ‘balance’, news outlets will give airtime and column inches to Left-wing opponents of the same new measure. They generally offer a vigorous critique of Tory immigration policy.

So it goes in the knockabout world of party politics, where our tradition of open democracy rightly dictates that every new Government policy proposal should be vigorously discussed (and, if necessary, criticised).

Yet something strange, and perhaps worrying, has lately come to characterise the nature of the immigration debate. For, in recent weeks, it has seemed as if opposition to Government immigration policy is being led not by MPs but by a hostile cabal of combative charities.

A succession of spokesmen from these organisations — whose political activities are governed by strict rules — have mounted a series of public attacks on the Government.

Often, their comments have been most pugnacious. Occasionally, they single out the Prime Minister for direct criticism. Sometimes, they could be legitimately described as propaganda.

For example, the head of one of the charities, Refugee Action’s Stephen Hale, contended recently that the Government was ‘seeking to create a climate of fear and misinformation’ about asylum-seekers.

Meanwhile, a PR officer for another, Asylum Aid, told the BBC that the crisis was ‘horrible to watch’ and ‘absolutely disgraceful’.

Another charity, the Refugee Council, joined the fray and argued that Mr Cameron was using ‘awful, irresponsible, dehumanising language’ about Calais immigrants, in a way which was ‘extremely inflammatory’.

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Patria says:-

Charities are prohibited by their regulatory body, the Charity Commission, from engaging in party political campaigning. Yet that is precisely what many of them do.

Many well known charities are dominated by ethnic aliens and immigrants who are not of British ancestry, individuals who hate the English and have a chip on their shoulder over imagined wrongs. Just as in the 1980s, when ‘non-jobs’ with local councils were used as a means of diverting public funds into the pockets of party activists, so today jobs with so-called left-leaning charities are used as a platform for Anglophobic aliens to agitate for more discrimination in favour of black and Asian immigrants, at the expense of us English.

But the Daily Mail is wrong to suggest that charities’ abuse of public money and private gifts for sinister political purposes happens without the connivance of government. Cameron and co, as well as the rest of the alien interlopers occupying parliament and the BBC, are complicit in the scandal and implicated up to their necks in the corruption of our public life and the betrayal of the English.

The word charity, which denotes love and kindness, is an entirely inappropriate word to describe the traitorous organizations that are, in collaboration with the political and media Establishment, betraying our country and handing it over to hordes of violent criminal invaders and terrorist activists.

These organizations should be known in future, not as ‘charities’ but as Anglophobias.